Texas Bragging Rights – Capitals of Texas

The Many World Capitals in Texas

Consider the map of Texas for a moment. That image, with the Panhandle and the Gulf Coast, the Red River, and the Rio Grande, is as much a part of you as anything else. Anyone in the world who looks at it knows what it is. It’s Texas. Pick any kid off the street in Japan and draw a picture of Texas in the dirt, and he’ll know what it is. What if I show you a picture of another state? You might get it in a second or two, but who else would? And even if you do, does it ever elicit any emotions in you?

Texas will again lift its head and stand among the nations. It ought to do so, for no country upon the globe can compare with it in natural advantages.” — Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas

In fact, in a land that loves its bragging rights, Texas can boast of being the world capital of – well, capitals. Come on – you’ve seen the roadside signs and the freeway billboards. Texas is the capital of just about everything that’s good, from strawberries to watermelons, from wild boars to wind energy.

What Is Dallas Known For?

Aside from the Dallas Cowboys, I’d say Dallas is recognized for its skyline, and most likely the ball you think of when you see the Dallas downtown skyline, you know, where you see the ball, it appears like a raised ball up there in the skyscrapers. That is named Reunion Towers, and it is a restaurant. It’s a changing eatery. As a result, it moves quite slowly. You can, however, take an elevator all the way up to that ball. And the entire circumference is made of glass, so you can sit up there. And if you sit at the table, you’ll see that the restaurant rotates quite slowly.

What Is San Antonio Known For?

San Antonio is most known for the Alamo, which inspired the Texas Revolution. The legendary American slogan “Remember the Alamo” is beloved by many and is occasionally used as an inspiration or motivator today when someone faces a challenge they believe is insurmountable.

The San Antonio River Walk is regarded as San Antonio’s top attraction. It’s a “must-see” for any visitor to the city because it’s 20 feet below street level and 15 miles long. The architecture that surrounds the promenade captivates art and history fans, while mariachi bands, barges, and river taxis provide endless entertainment for locals and tourists alike.

What Is Houston Known For?

Houston is known as the world capital of space exploration, air conditioning, petroleum exploration, the international energy sector, and the capital of capital punishment. It is not the capital of Texas; that honor belongs to Austin. Houston, the country’s fourth largest metropolis, combines southern charm, world-class culture, and international appeal. This varied city is home to a number of strong businesses, spectacular space exploration institutions, fantastic museums, musical centers, and, of course, award-winning cuisine.

What Is Austin Known For?

When asked, “What is Austin famous for?” music is one of the first things that comes to mind. After all, it is the world’s live music capital. This designation is partly owing to two massive music events held there: Austin City Limits and South by Southwest. In normal years, Austin City Limits takes over in the fall and South by Southwest in the spring, attracting top indie, alternative, and electronic music talent as well as thousands of visitors.

Well, sure – Austin is the undisputed capital of Texas. It wasn’t always that way of course. There have been several state (and Republic) capitals down through the historical years of Texas. But there are probably more capitals in Texas than you know!

Texas Designations by Location

In a State where everything is “bigger and better,” it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Texas is the world capital of capitals. Find out just how great we are! Discover the many world capitals in Texas.

Where else can boast of the best goose hunting, the largest pair of cowboy boots, the best pecan, the most flavorful peach, the home of square dancing, the tallest capital building in the Americas, the Rose Capital of the World? In Texas, you see, we’ve got a handle on most everything. And if it’s worth something, chances are good Texans can (and do) lay claim to it.

Of course, the self-proclaimed title isn’t without merit. Things are just bigger and better in Texas. Haven’t we been trying to tell the world that for years? Take a look at some of the Capitals of Texas and see if you don’t agree, Texas is the ultimate capital of capitals in the world!

Designation Place
Alligator Capital of Texas Anahuac
Antique Capital of Texas Baird
Antique Capital of East Texas Gladewater
Apple Capital of Texas Medina
Barbecue Capital of Texas Lockhart
Bed and Breakfast Capital of Texas Jefferson
Black-eyed Pea Capital of the World Athens
Bluebird Capital of Texas Wills Point
Bluebonnet Co-Capital of Texas Burnet County
Bluebonnet Co-Capital of Texas Llano County
Bois d’Arc Capital of Texas Commerce
Cactus Capital of Texas Sanderson
Catfish Capital of Texas West Tawakoni
Citrus Capital of Texas Weslaco
Cowboy Capital of Texas Bandera
Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas Waxahachie
Crape Myrtle Texas County Capital Lamar County
Crawfish Capital of Texas Mauriceville
Czech Heritage Capital of Texas West
Danish Capital of Texas Danevang
Dinosaur Capital of Texas Glen Rose
Eagle Capital of Texas Rains County
Goose Hunting Capital of the World Eagle Lake
Horned Lizard Capital of Texas Kenedy
Hot Air Balloon Capital of Texas Plano
Jackrabbit-Roping Capital of Texas Odessa
Kolache Capital of Texas Caldwell
Kolache Home of the Texas Legislature West
Mural Capital of Texas Breckenridge
New Bass Capital of Texas Cooper Lake
Norwegian Capital of Texas Clifton
Ostrich Capital of Texas Midland
Pancake Capital of Texas Hawkins
Peach Capital of Texas Parker County
Pecan Capital of the World San Saba
Pheasant Capital of Texas Stradford
Polka Capital of Texas
Pump Jack Capital of Texas Electra
Purple Martin Capital of Texas Longview
Red Poppy Capital of Texas Georgetown
Redbud Capital of Texas Denton
Rodeo Capital of Texas Mesquite
Rose Capital of the World Tyler
Sausage Capital of Texas Elgin
Seedless Watermelon Capital of Texas Knox City
Spur Capital of Texas Gatesville
Square Dance Capital of the World McAllen
Storyfest Capital of Texas George West
Strawberry Capital of Texas Poteet
Sunflower Capital of Texas Hearne
Texas Horned Lizard Capital of the World Kenedy
Tire Capital of Texas Atlanta
Turkey Capital of Texas Cuero
Volunteer Capital of Texas Comal County
Watermelon Capital of Texas Dilley/Luling
Watermelon Capital of Texas 2 Hempstead
Wild Boar Capital of Texas Dickens
Wildflower Capital of Texas Temple
Wildflower Capital of Texas DeWitt County
Wind Energy Capital of Texas McCamey
Wine Rootstock Capital of the World Denison

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