Texas Golf Guide

Texas is the ultimate all-seasons golf playground. Here you can take dead-aim down wildflower-lined fairways in spring, road trip through the West Texas mountain courses blessed by the summer sun, walk the seaside fairways of the Gulf Coast in the fall, or celebrate winter by soaking in an 80-degree sun-kissed day in San Antonio.

Texas Golf Courses

In this section, you’ll find information about each of the seven region of Texas, with a detailed listing of golf courses found in each region. Plenty of double-checking of addresses, phone numbers, websites, and fees has gone into the production of this resource. Once you have decided your itinerary and golf destination, you should check again to find out about specific course amenities and fee discounts that are available and get updated information.

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Golf Texas Panhandle Plains

Panhandle Plains Texas Golf Courses

Texas’s most unique region is easy on both the eyes and the wallet. You’ll be “as big a Texan” as anyone at the top of the Panhandle on that Amarillo…

Golf South Texas Plains

South Texas Plains Golf Courses

Why is South Texas home to some of the greatest golf and vacation spots in the country? How much time do you have? Year-round warm weather. Authentic Mexican cuisine and…

Golf Resorts Texas

Top Texas Golf Resorts

Many PGA tour players make their home in Texas for good reason. Diverse course layouts and favorable weather conditions throughout most of the year allows one to stay on top…

Golf Texas Gulf Coast

Houston & Gulf Coast Golf Courses

Golf Texas Gulf Coast Sunshine, warm weather, and of course, an abundance of tree-lined courses comprise the Gulf Coast region. Houston, the fourth-largest city in the country, is a beacon…

Golf Texas Prairies & Lakes

Prairies & Lakes Texas Golf Courses

Golf Texas  Prairies & Lakes America’s Team and other world champion professional clubs, world-class shopping, and fine dining as far as the eye can see abound in and around the…

Golf Texas Piney Woods

Piney Woods Texas Golf Courses

The small towns of East Texas are a serious golf-adventurer’s dream. Starting in Lindale and stretching to the Louisiana border is the Azalea Golf Trail, a line of public courses…

Golf Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country Golf Courses

The Texas Hill Country is known for many things: rolling hills, endless fields of bluebonnets, and the best barbecue in the world. Strangers to Central Texas may be surprised to…

Golf Big Bend Country Texas

Big Bend Country Golf Courses

Settle into the wide open spaces of Big Bend, where the blue skies are bigger and desert plains stretch as far as the eye can see. Just one round in…

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Our long and proud links legacy began all the way back in 1895 when two Englishmen built a 6-hole course on a farm at the corner of Haskell and Cole streets in Dallas, and now, 120 years later, the game of golf is still deeply rooted in our soul.

You can walk the same fairways where Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Babe Zaharias, Harvey Penick, Lee Trevino, Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, Justin Leonard, and Jordan Spieth have courted greatness.

Whatever your golf fix, you’ll find it here. From Amarillo to Brownsville and El Paso to Texarkana, Texas has more than 800 courses with an infinite variety of awesome public munis, historic old country clubs, immaculate small-town 9-holers, and world-class resorts that are rivaled by no other.