Top 7 Golf Courses Around The World

Top 7 Golf Courses

Do you have a passion for golfing? Some of the best golf courses in the world feature distant islands, mystic cliff views and mesmerizing mountains. Step out of your neighborhood and check out these amazing golf courses around the world you will want to visit:

Cape Kidnappers Golf Course, New Zealand

This enchanting course is located in North Island, New Zealand. The golf course was designed by world-renowned golf architect, Tom Doak. This spectacular golf course is one of the most modern and luxurious in the world. With eighteen holes, the course was finally completed in 2004. With stunning sea views and gorgeous ocean dramatic cliffs, the course is a sight to see as it is built on a beautiful valley landscape.

The Cape Kidnappers was host to the PGA Tour’s Kiwi challenge in 2008 and the year after that. The course has received several awards and accolades, including its current ranking as one of the top 100 golf courses in the worlds. Golfers can also stay at the hospitable accompanying farm as Cape Kidnappers which is also considered one of the most spectacular hotels in the world.

Pebble Beach Golf Links, California

Golfers around the world dream of playing at the Pebble Beach luxury golf courses. The exotic resort has eight stunning private and public 18-hole golf courses. With the dazzling landscape and the wonderful weather, there is a special wow factor that comes with playing golf in a beautiful place. The golf course was ranked 2nd on the Best Golf Courses in the U.S and also holds one of the top golf courses in the world.

The Golf Links have also been rated the greatest golf courses in the country for 13 consecutive years. Golfers can enroll themselves in the all year-round golf programs and schools to brush up on their skills. The course features rugged coastlines that challenge a golfer’s ability to play on its sloping greens. It is an extraordinary course that offers a wide array of amenities for locals and for travelling golfers as well.

Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey

Pine Valley has the privilege of being in the world’s 100 top courses in the US. With its rich history, the clubhouse and grounds are simplistic but still adored by golfers around the world. Pine Valley offers accommodation for out-of-town golfers. These golfers can also benefit from the course’s free shuttle services that travel to and from the airport.

The golf course is for true golfers who appreciate the spirit of the sport rather than just great amenities. The Pine Valley’s Golf Club membership is considered one of the most exclusive memberships in the world. A guest is only permitted in the exclusive club if they are accompanied by a member.

Address Montgomerie Golf Course, Dubai

Dubai enjoys is nickname as the “Billionaire’s Playground” and for good reason. The exotic city hosts some of world’s wealthiest people in the world. The course is situated in the heart of the extravagant Emirates Hills. With a gorgeous 18-hole golf course and stunning 5-star rated accommodations, you better pack your bags and head out to the Middle East.

What’s best about the course is it offers great features for non-golfers and golfers alike, making it the perfect family getaway. Play golf or have a relaxing spa day afterwards or simply dive in the pool. Address Montgomerie offers a number of facilities ensure you enjoy your stay at one of the most luxurious places in the world.

Cypress Point Golf Club, Virginia

With five courses situated in the stunning location, Cypress Point is considered the ideal spot for golfers who wish to have a memorable experience. Constructed on a part of Sajo Farm, the gorgeous surroundings offers golfers added membership opportunities at the course which is also open to the public.

From its world-class greens and fairways to the delicious meals served at the main clubhouse, you are bound to have a splendid time. The golf course will offer you a thrilling experience that will certainly cause you to come back for more. Additionally, the immaculate course is highly known for its well-trained staff and the loyalty of its members.

Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Australia

The Royal Melbourne Club is among the most prestigious and leading golf clubs in Australia. The East and West courses are considered among the most spectacular in the southern hemisphere. Designed by the highly talented Dr. Alister Mackenzie, the course was designed almost 80 years ago.

The fast, contoured greens and the strategically placed bunkers mean only the finest golf players can achieve a good score. Bordered by bunkers, the green situated at the fifth hole on the West might entice players. However, its tilt from front to back mean any hit short of the flag will bounce back on the glassy surface.

Seminole Golf Club, Florida

Seminole is among the few golf courses located in Sunshine State that has consistently retained its spot as one if the best bunker courses in the whole. The stunning 18-hole courses features practice facilities which are open to the public with a wide array of amenities.

Over the years, the golf course has been used regularly by the leaders of the industry as a stomping ground for sealing business deals. Aside from the golf course, you can take the time out to rewind in the old country club that is sure to please any distinguished golfer.

We hoped you enjoyed browsing through some of the best golf courses in the world. Perhaps, it is time you pack your bags and set out for an adventure.

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