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Texas is the second-largest state by area in the USA and is located in the southern part of the nation. For more than a decade and a half Texas is ranked as the second most populated state in the country. Texas has a common boundary with the states of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Also, the state shares an international border with Mexico and has a water boundary formed by the Gulf of Mexico.

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Historically Texas has been deeply influenced by the Spanish and Mexican cultures. A large chunk of the population has Hispanic roots. There are so many things to do in San Antonio for Texas history and the city with Mexican flavors El Paso are a big draw. The numerous small towns in the state also have a beauty and history of their own.

Austin is the state capital, while Houston is the largest city. Other major urban centers include San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth. The state is divided into 254 counties – the largest number for any state in the US. The vastness of the state combined with the geographical variations bestows different parts with different climatic conditions.

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Austin is a musical hub with loads of entertainment and is also home to the beautiful Lake Austin and the renowned University of Texas. Houston houses Johnson Space Center and also holds the historic Herman Park covering 445 acres, with McGovern Lake, Lake Overlook, Hermann Park Japanese Garden, Houston Zoo, and Miller Outdoor Theatre among others on its premises. Corpus Christi is a coastal city with impressive beaches, recreational opportunities, and major state attractions such as the Texas State Aquarium. Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie is where some of the most attractive and well-bred horses participate in racing. The city of Dallas draws several thousands of tourists on pleasure trips and boasts of world-class accommodations and resorts.

The state is renowned the world over for its cattle farming industry. However, petroleum and natural gas, banking, and technology industries also have a noteworthy presence, with Tourism also being a significant contributor to the economy.

Texas Burn Bans – What you need to know

Summer is here and the dry hot weather is coming. Be aware of the burn ban laws in your county. Unless prohibited by local ordinances, state regulations allow individual homeowners to burn minimal quantities of dry household trash (which includes only unrecyclable paper and cardboard, natural fibers, clean, untreated wood, and similar materials) and small amounts of dry leaves and plant clippings. Here is a map of burn bans by county.

A Few Reasons People Love Visiting Texas

The state of Texas has been home to Americans since the early years of our nation. People have flooded the state and have established form roots, making it one of the most attractive states for tourists in the nation. Many people choose to experience the life of the wild west by day and stay in one of Texas’s many five-star hotels by night, such as the Crown Plaza Suites in Houston, which even offers a jacuzzi.

Main Attractions of Texas

National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame
Women have always been fundamental to the development of American history. This has been particularly true in the era of the cowboy. Texas has a rich history of women who represented the spirit of the American dream that many of us appreciate about our ancestors. The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth honors these heroines so that they will not be lost to history. Their archives feature writers, painters, entertainers, and even members of the United States Supreme Court. The people of Fort Worth stand as a representation of the progress humanity has made, treating women as equal contributors to the growth of Western culture.

The NASA Space Center
Contemporary society has elevated to a point far beyond what any of our ancestors ever even dreamed. We walk on the atmosphere of our moon and traverse the bounds of deep space. We can plant robots in the atmosphere of Mars. This remarkable progression is demonstrated to the public at the NASA Space Center in Houston. There are displays of shuttles and remnants of previous space explorations. There is even an interactive presentation that gives people a bit of insight into the life of the deployed astronaut. If that is not enough to satisfy you, you can even have lunch with an astronaut.

The Big Bend National Park
Those who have a thirst for nature will be captivated by the Big Bend National Park. It has 150 miles of scenic trails, which you will be able to explore as you backpack across the desert. With hundreds of unique species of animals and a delightful array of geological phenomena, there is enough natural beauty to consume an entire lifetime. That is why many people opt to say overnight at one of the camping sites.

Take in a Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium
The Cowboys are the beloved team of the city of Dallas, receiving a deeply seated devotion from millions of viewers across the state. Whether in seasons of turmoil and loss or during great victories, the people of Dallas have always remained committed to their Cowboys. Visit a game and hear the roaring crowds and capture a wave of excitement. Be part of the long tradition of enjoying Cowboys games. Many people will get creative and hold up a clever sign to be featured on national television.


Texas can get very hot in the summer months, often passing the 90°F mark. Many people choose to visit in the Fall or in the Spring when it cools down a bit. If you do not like rain, visit in January, February, April, or November (which are the months that precipitation averages around just 2 inches).

How To Get Around

It depends on where you go. But most tourists choose to rent a car or hire a private car. Others (particularly in the bigger cities) will rely on well-developed transportation systems. Uber is also available and affordable throughout most of the state.

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