5 Most Insane Golf Trick Shots Of All Time

Golf Trick Shots

Golf trick shots are all over the internet. If you are a serious golfer, you better have some good tricks up your sleeve. Trick shots require superior hand-eye coordination and lots of practice. So, what are you waiting for? It is time you take out your golf clubs and start practicing. Here are some awesome shots you should try if you want to win the next game:

The Bellied Wedge

The Bellied Wedge is a great shot you can play when the ball is caught between the rough and the fridge. Due to the absence of grass, the ball lacks cushion while the ample amount of grass behind the ball makes perfect contact almost impossible.

Here’s how you can master this shot:

  • Grasp the pitching wedge like you would grip the putter. Address the ball in the same manner you would set up for a put.
  • Align the equator of the ball with the leading edge without making your normal putting stroke and grounding the ball. Your main aim should be to strike the ball on its equator using the leading edge.
  • Since this is an arms-only shot, it is crucial you keep your body still. At first, the ball will bounce but it will eventually roll smooth.

The One-Foot-Out Blast

As the name indicates, this is an explosive shot that is taken with at least one foot set outside the bunker. The shot is primarily used when the golf ball lands close to the back edge of a greenside bunker.

Here’s how you can hit this classical shot:

  • Use your left heel to step into the sand with the ball. Now, for extra balance, flare your left foot open. Your right foot should be placed on the hill, far enough to make your hips and shoulders even with the slope.
  • Without touching the sand, make a few practice backswings to guarantee you clear the lip. Since your body is tilted with the hill, ensure your swing does the same.
  • Take the club back through a plane that matches the slope of the bunker. To avoid breaking the back lip, use extra wrist hinge. Move your left-hand knuckles down the hill on your way back to the ball. Now that you have adjusted your body to the slop, the ball will pop out like a regular bumper shot.

The Punch Out From Your Knees

As the name indicates, this is a highly effective recovery shot that you hit while kneeling on the ground. Use this shot when you cannot reach the ball because it lies under an obstacle, such as a branch.

Here’s how you can master this powerful shot and put it to good use:

  • For this shot, it is essential you get your hands on the shortest fairway or hybrid wood. Kneel on the ground and spread your knees as far as you can to establish a strong base. You can flare your feet for extra stability.
  • As you are settling in the position, take note of how the clubface points to the left when you try to sole it behind the ball. It might look strange but do not change it. It is crucial you keep your hands ahead of the club head through impact. This way, the face will square up and the ball with fly straight forward.
  • Using only your arm motion, try to make a baseball swing. Swing your arm across your chest on your backswing and hinge your wrists. For greater impact, release the club while simultaneously unfolding your right elbow.

The Backhanded Chip

This is a useful shot that comes in handy when you cannot opt for your regular right-handed stance. You hit this short with your back facing the target. Alternatively, you can make this shot by flipping the club upside-side while using your left hand. You are likely to benefit from a greater swing if you use your dominant hand.

Here’s how you can master this shot:

  • Select one of your wedges. It is recommended you select a wedge with the largest clubface for a broader hitting area since you will not be looking at the ball.
  • Now, stand about six inches left to the ball and turn your back on the target. Use your right hand to grip the wedge in the middle of the handle. Now, flip the back of the club so it faces the target and rests on its toes.
  • Raise your club righter by bending your right elbow. Your upper arm must remain as still as possible. You must only add a slight touch of wrist hinge.
  • Elongate your arm, straightening it while slapping the club head into the ball. To ensure the club does not flip past your hand, ensure it accelerates all the way to the ball.

Classic Trick Shot

The classic trick shot is one of Tiger Woods’ best works. Here’s how you can master the shot:

  • Simply bounce the golf ball on the wedge.
  • Smack the ball in mid-air using your wrist-hand strength.

These are just some of the best golf trick shots of all time. Additionally, it is important you choose the best club and practice a good grip. Most amateurs fret about playing with the wind while experienced players know how to use the wind to their advantage.

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