Golf Wedge Buying Guide

Golf Wedge guide

Did you know that a quarter of all shorts that you play on the green is going to be done with a wedge? It would explain why the wedge is such an important part of your game! They are capable of creating birdies, saving pars, but they can also be problematic if you aren’t using the right wedge.

In this guide, we are going to talk to you about the different golf wedges types and what you should look for when choosing the best golf wedge. Then, we are going to give you mini-reviews of some of the top rated wedges and ultimately give you our recommendation on which of the clubs are worth purchasing.

Golf Wedges Types

There are four categories that a wedge could fall into:

  • Pitching Wedge – a pitching wedge is going to be your most common wedge with a loft between 44 and 48 degrees. These are used primarily for a full shot onto the green and they can even be used in some instances on longer chip shots. Many modern sets will be lower lofted or strong pitching wedge so that they can blend in better with longer-hitting irons while creating the need for gap for the gap wedge.
  • Gap Wedge – These wedges fil the gap between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. They can be referred to as an utility wedge (UW) or an attack wedge (AW). They can carry a loft between 50 to 53 degrees and they are better suited for fuller shots.
  • ​Sand Wedge – the sand wedge is going to range somewhere between 54 to 58 degrees and they were designed to get you out of a bunker, thanks to the larger design of the sole. These were a favorite for the chip or bunker shots on the green because they were the highest lofted club a player would have.
  • Lob Wedge – The lob wedge took the place of the sand wedge in terms of favorability because it is able to loft between 60 to 64 degrees. These wedges allow golfers to get more height and spin with their shots when they are close to the grin. The club tends to be used to hit chips, bunger shots, and flop shots more than a full shot.

Loft And Gapping

When we talk about loft, we are talking about the angle that the face of the club is to the shaft. For example, if you’re using a pitching wedge that is 48 degrees, you’re other wedges should be in 4-degree increments— gap wedge will be 52 degrees, sand wedge will be 56 degrees, and your lob wedge will be 60 degrees. Because wedges have the highest lofts than other clubs, it, your ball is going to travel further.


The bounce is going to be measured by the bottom of the club, which is known as the sole, rests on the surface. This typically lands somewhere between 0 degrees and 14 degrees. The higher the bounce, the less your club is going to dig into the surface. This means, if you’re going to be hitting in sand, you’re going to want a high bounce. If you’re hitting the ball off the fairway or hard sand, you’re going to want a lower bounce so that there is enough contact between the ball and the club.


The grooves on the club’s face is going to be like the tread on your tire. They are going to grab the ball, create spin, and creating the perfect shot trajectory. The grooves are also responsible for stopping the power of the ball when contact has been made between the ball and the green. You can find wedges with one of two finishes:

  • Vintage finish is when the grooves rust in a way that is complimentary to your playing style
  • Laser Etching is when the grooves have been optimized to create friction between the ball and the face of the club to provide optima; spin, but the grooves aren’t going to adjust to suit your striking habits.

Now that you know what to look for in a wedge and the types of wedges are available, lets look at four options that are worthy of being the best golf wedge.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

For those who are looking for the best sand wedge for the money, then you cannot go wrong with the Harmonized wedge, which has been very popular in pro-shops for quite some time. The innovative design of the sole gives you more options when on the green. You can play the high shots with improved accuracy. The special grind on the sole also gives you the opportunity to open the club face for enhanced performance.

Notable features of the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge include:

  • Classic, high polish finish and classic blade shape
  • Perfect club for getting your ball close to the pin
  • ​True Temper steel irons for high performance and reliability
  • ​Sole grind allows players to open the club face further to hit higher shots with more accuracy
  • Blade shape with modified bounce angles for dead stop spin and versatility from the sand, rough, or fairway
  • ​Right Hand / Left Hand
  • ​Shaft Material: Steel
  • ​Flex: Wedge
  • Available Loft: 50 degrees, 52 degrees, 56 degrees, 60 degrees, 64 degrees

Customers said that the wedge was nice and balanced, which was a pleasant surprise considering the price of the wedge.

They have also said that it’s one of the bed lob wedges they’ve tried in a long time. The common complaint was that this isn’t a wedge that will work well for you if your handicap is less than 15. Some people have said that it feels a little too heavy. One customer felt that the club was suitable for practicing and range visits, but not to keep with in the bag.

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Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind

You’ll find that with the Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind club features a unique new shape. The club is forged from a 1025c steel, so it is capable of delivering an exceptionally satisfying feel and response on each shot.

The club features less offset, a straighter leading edge and a squarer toe so that you can swing with confidence in knowing the ball is going to go exactly where you want it to. With this club, you’ll find that the 16-groove configuration provides maximum spin, while the CG positioning promotes a flight that is easier to control and higher lofts without compromising the spin.

Notable features of the Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind (Matte Finish) include:

  • Designed by Phil Mickleson
  • Versatile for any shot, even on flops, bunker shots, and out of the thickest rough
  • Unique shape makes it perfect for aggressive wedge shots
  • Right hand / Left Hand
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Available Loft: 56 degrees, 58 degrees, 60 degrees, 64 degrees

Customers said this is the best 60 degree wedge, because they are now able to do shots that they never could have before. Customers have said that they typically have a high handicap, but with this club, they are able to save a decent amount of strokes.

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Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge

The shape of this club takes from one of the best Cleveland wedges and alters the design only slightly. This club offers a hint of offset and is a little larger to give you a little more forgiveness. Like previous clubs in the Cleveland line, the face of this wedge features Tour Zip Grooves that are combined with Cleveland’s breakthrough laser milled surface roughness technology to give maximum spin.

The back of this club features a small cavity with an engineered undercut that moves the center of gravity so that it is lower and deeper to improve forgiveness. You’ll find that with the wider C shaped sole, it is going to be the best sand wedge for bunkers.

Notable features of the Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge (Standard Bounce) include:

  • Tour zip grooves and laser milled for optimal precision, spin and shot consistency
  • Deep center of gravity to improve stability and forgiveness while maintaining the “Cleveland feel”
  • ​Wider width sole from heel to toe to improve bunker performance while maintaining versatility
  • Right Hand
  • ​Shaft Material: Steel
  • ​Flex: Wedge
  • Available Loft: 52 degrees, 58 degrees

Customers said these clubs are easy to hit that give great spin and ball loft.

Customers enjoy the gun metal finish that isn’t going to chip or wear off, unlike other clubs available on the market today. They have also said that this is the perfect fit for getting out of the sand.

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Callaway Forged Wedge (Copper)

If you’re looking for a club that is designed for maximum spin and versatility, then this lob wedge review is going enlighten you and make you want to give the Callaway Forged Wedge a shot.

The grooves on this wedge is going to give you the control and spin that you’ve been looking for so that you can have confidence while attacking the pin. You’ll find that the 21 tightly spaced grooves that feature sharper edges and the result of the Triple Net Forging process, thus giving you incredible trajectory and distance control.

Notable features of the Callaway Forged Wedge (Copper) include:

  • Tour CC Grooves
  • Tour-Inspired Shape
  • ​Blended C-Grind®
  • Bounce Optimization
  • ​Copper Finish that is designed to oxidize over time for a distinctive look
  • Right Hand
  • ​Shaft Material: Steel
  • Flex: Wedge Flex
  • Available Loft: 52 degrees. 56 degrees, 58 degrees

Customers said this club helps to take a few strokes off of their game. They have said that they purchased this as a sand/lob wedge and it’s one of the best lob wedge 2017 had to offer so far.

They like the back spin, as well as the loft, that the club gives when they are playing on the green. The common complaint was they received the wrong degree wedge—they ordered a 62 but received a 52 instead.

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Our Recommendation

For those who are looking for the best improvement sand wedge, we feel that the Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl Wedge is the way to go. It may be a little pricy, as it is priced below $130, but it’ll help you get over those sand bunkers with ease.

If you’re someone who wants the best game improvement lob wedge, then the Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind is going to be the one for you, thanks to that 16-groove configuration that’s going to give you the spin and loft that you’re really searching for.

However, we feel that all of these clubs are pretty great and they are going to help your game exponentially.

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