History of the Cowboys & Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots cowboys history

Iconic Heroes of the Old West

No image of the Old West is complete without a cowboy or cowboy, and this symbol represents much more than the cattle lifestyle that was common in times past, around 1860.

Different myths revolve around these iconic heroes of the southern United States. It all started with the breeding and domestication of the longhorns, the famous bovine breed that roamed freely near the Red River of the South that passes through the North American states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

The objective of this activity was to sell the meat and leather of the cattle in northern states of the country, for this it had to be transported – by land – to Kansas. The long journeys demanded highly skilled and resistant riders who went out to work with wide-brimmed hats to protect themselves from the sun, bandanas to protect themselves from the dust raised by animals, and chaps or high boots to take care of the wounds caused by cacti and other plants. endemic thorns of the region. In this way, what began as protective clothing, today is considered a representative clothing of these popular figures.

One of the most popular and busiest routes was the one from Bandera, Texas, to Ogallala, Nebraska. That is why Bandera is known as the Cowboy Capital of the World. Little by little the haciendas and ranches that were originally open and allowed these paths were closed. Different trade routes were created and the industry evolved, ending the era of the traditional cowboy.

Although this lifestyle was inherited from the Mexican ranchers who work in the lands that are currently part of Texas, the figure of the American cowboy or cowboy was idealized and popularized in the North American country. The heroic protagonists of different literary and cinematographic works will always be iconic and unforgettable for their bravery, strength and adventures.

Cowboy Boots

Originally, the cowboys used them to ride horses and protect themselves from the inclement terrain they traveled through and the thorny flora and cacti of the region. Over time, cowboy boots have become important elements of fashion thanks to different brands and designers reinventing them.

In Texas, a traditional western boot is made of cowhide, although the use of synthetic materials and exotic leathers such as crocodile, snake, ostrich, buffalo and others is becoming more popular.

An authentic Texas cowboy boot is tall, without laces or laces, rounded or pointed and has a Cuban heel which is a type of short, thick heel with straight lines that jeans used to hold onto the stirrups. Although the industry has evolved and many productions are made in large quantities, the best cowboy boots are made by hand.

One of the leading shoemakers of the time was H. J. “Daddy Joe” Justin, founder of the Nocona Boot Company in the North Texas town of the same name. Later he moved to Fort Worth where transportation was easier. The factory was left in the hands of the family, it continued to grow and became Justin Boots after the divorce of his daughter and Julius Stelzer, who together with Carl Olsen created Olsen-Stelzer Boots, one of the most famous brands of cowboy boots in Texas. known as “America’s Finest Cowboy Boots”, the best cowboy boots in the United States. If you are looking for an authentic pair of Texan boots, you will undoubtedly find it in either of these two stores; although you can also visit Cavender’s, warehouses that are worth visiting simply to admire and be amazed at the wide variety of designs and materials.

Over time, Texan boots have become an exciting expression of individuality and style. Nowadays, nothing defines a “cowboy” better than the boots they are wearing.

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  1. I love cowboy boots especially in every color and I like the tightness going up the to the knee the lower ones the only thing I don’t like about a cowboy boot is a high high heel they weren’t made to be cowboy boots like that but now they came out with every different from from rubber to leather to pleather and every color imaginable they’re awesome just shorts skirts jeans anything you own I love them

  2. How about Tecovas boots, design in Austin Texas, hand made in Leon, Mexico, excellent craftsmanship and comfort.

  3. Correction. HJ Justin started Justin Boots, later to be HJ Justin and sons. After his death, the boys moved the company to fort worth. His daughter, Enid, stayed behind in nocona because she stated her daddy would have wanted it to stay there. She then started nocona boot company in 1925 in nocona.

    (I am HJ Justin’s great grandson)

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