Best Fishing Spots in Texas Hill Country

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Best Hill Country Places to Fish

The Texas hills are home to such wonderful places that many times they seem incredible. Those who enjoy sport fishing will know that the view and landscapes are the ideal garnishes when holding a rod.

The heart of Texas has the perfect conditions for year-round fishing, as well as countless rivers, streams and gullies, as well as natural and man-made lakes so beautiful that even if fishing is not your goal, anyone would want to be there simply to admire the panorama.

The wonders the Hill Country has for you will take your breath away, these are the best places to fish in the region.

Fishing in Pedernales River

Pedernales Falls State Park

This long tributary of the Colorado River comes from the springs of Kimble County. It is named after the flint rock found in its depths. The river is full of Largemouth Bass and Guadalupe Bass, as well as several species of Moonfish and Catfish.

Pedernales Falls State Park is the best place to fish the Pedernales River. Cast your line for catfish, bass, sunfish, and carp while admiring the scenery of cascading, sparkling water and exposed limestone.

2. Llano River

South Llano River State Park

The ideal destination for kayak fishermen. This river offers a wide variety of banks including schools of Argemouth Bass, Guadalupe Bass, Perch, Channel Catfish, and Yellow Catfish.

This section of the Llano River upstream from Ranch Road 2389 was lovely, and I had a great time out on the water. This section of the Llano, however, should only be navigated during periods of sufficient flow (at least 200 CFS). Keep in mind that if the flow was less than 200 CFS, the water would be far too shallow. Another factor to consider is the quality of the fishing.

3. Guadalupe River

Canyon Lake Dam

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department fills this river with Freshwater Trout year-round and in winter and fall with Rainbow and Brown Trout. Fishing is public and has free access just under the Canyon Lake dam.

The Guadalupe River is a popular fly fishing destination in the Texas Hill Country. This location is ideal for catching brown or rainbow trout, and further upstream, you can catch Guadalupe bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Rio Grande cichlid (the only species native to the United States), striped bass, and white bass.

4. Blanco River

Kendall County

This river has about 21 streams, each of these “fishing spots” is home to banks of Guadalupe Bass, Boca Chica Largemouth Bass, Hill Country Hybrid Bass, Moon Fish and Cat Fish.

For the best fishing on the Blanco River, visit Blanco State Park. This beautiful park does not require a license to fish from the shore, and you can catch largemouth and Guadalupe bass, channel catfish, sunfish, and rainbow trout. You can even borrow rods and reels from the park when they are available.

5. San Saba River

Menard County

The San Saba River near Menard, Texas, offers the closest thing to a wilderness fishing adventure in the Lone Star State. It can take eight to ten hours to float four to five miles down the San Saba. This terrain serves as a link between the Hill Country to the south and the Panhandle to the north. The San Saba River is a slow-moving river with deep pools and eroded banks. The shoreline is thickly vegetated with pecan and oak trees. Menard County has the majority of the river’s accessible sections.

An eight- to ten-hour boat ride for approximately five miles through thick vegetation and deep, shoal-filled waters.

6. Sabinal River

Lost Maples State Natural Area

The Sabinal River is a small stream that can be reached from Vanderpool and Utopia, but the best fishing is found between Lost Maples State Natural Area and the small town of Sabinal. Largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, and sunfish are plentiful.

You can access this river through Vanderpool or Utopia. These waters have large populations of Largemouth Bass, Guadalupe Bass, and Moonfish.

7. Cypress Creek


Cypress Creek is spring-fed and flows into the Blanco River from Jacob’s Well. This ensures a consistent, dependable flow and a habitat that is appealing to trout (and anglers!). Many sections of Cypress Creek are private, which means they are inaccessible or require payment, but there are some that are open to the public.

Lodge at Cypress Falls is considered the best place to fish in the creek. This section is private and charges a fee for fishing. Because the water is so clear, it will be difficult not to scare the fish! Aside from fishing from the shade of the banks, you can also try kayaking and fishing from there.

Fishing is an important part of Texas culture, and the state has 36 rivers and 6,736 lakes and reservoirs for anglers to explore. The Lone Star State has 377 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico, so there is no shortage of fishing opportunities. From crappie to largemouth bass, white bass, and catfish, there are countless places to enjoy a day on the water, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious collector.


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