Visit North Padre Island

North Padre Island

What are the most popular destinations to visit in North Padre Island?

North Padre Island is a hidden gem off the Gulf Coast of Texas. Visitors can take part in as many activities as they please, or they can simply while the days away relaxing off the coastline. The choice is up to you. Sunsets are beautiful, particularly as you look out over Bob Hall Pier, and the area has countless sand dunes just waiting for you to explore. As a resort town, there are numerous types of accommodations to fit nearly any budget, anything from daily to monthly rentals are in plentiful supply. This makes North Padre Island an ideal getaway for the leisure traveler, no matter what your activity or interest level might be.

Outdoor Activities

The Texas Gulf Coast provides abundant opportunities for a wide range of outdoor activities. Many visitors take in the great weather to engage in an afternoon of bird watching, while others head out for a leisurely hike. For the fishing enthusiasts among us, there are ample chartered deep-sea fishing expeditions on a near daily basis, and of course those who have no interest in that can remain behind on the pristine beaches that call this region home. There truly is not much that you cannot take part in this sunny paradise that is North Padre Island, so it is an ideal vacation spot that gets many repeat visitors every year.

Water Sports

There are quite a few possibilities available on North Padre Island to spend your days on the water. From kayaking to kite boarding, there is something for nearly anybody that enjoys being out in the open water. For those want to learn a new activity, there are many vendors providing lessons, and this is a great way to do something a bit different on your next vacation. You can also go surfing, ride a paddle boat standing up, go wind surfing, and of course fishing opportunities are nearly everywhere you look. In order to be close to the daily action, there are many major resorts in the area so it is literally possible to just wake up each morning and run out in the water!

Golf and Land Based Activities

Of course not everyone wants to be out in the water all the time. The area is home to some fantastic golf courses, and given the near perfect year round weather, there is never a shortage of tee times taking off. It is also possible to go horseback riding, and don’t forget a visit to the Padre Island National Seashore. For those that have a fitness routine to maintain, there are plenty of gyms in the area to keep that figure in check.


As one would expect anywhere in Southern Texas, North Padre Island benefits from sunshine almost the entire year. Many people will find that they can sunbathe even in January, as the high is usually more than 70 degrees, making this one of the warmest places to be in the winter anywhere in America. While summers can be hot, there is a nice breeze a flowing, and temperatures rarely get over 100 degrees, with 85 degrees being the average in the middle of July

How to Get There

With Corpus Christi only a 20-minute drive away, one of the benefits of North Padre Island is its location. Being so close to the 8th largest in Texas makes a vacation here easy, as you can fly into the city, rent a car, and be at your hotel in under an hour. In addition, for those traveling through Texas, the area is accessible via major highways, enabling those from Dallas and other big cities to enjoy a long weekend here.

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