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Come spend a day on the water with true professionals. Galveston fishing charters are run by a team of experienced fishing guides. They will provide you a top quality guided fishing trip that will surely be remembered. They also offer off-water fishing instruction for beginners or those more experienced looking to develop their skills. Their team spends countless days on the water each year to ensure a memorable experience for you.

Galveston Charter Guides invites you to join them on any of our half day, full day, close offshore, deep sea, or shark hunt fishing trips! Galveston Charter Guides often catch flounder, red fish, speckled trout, dolphin, red snapper, grouper, vermilion snapper, shark, black drum, kingfish, stingray – and many, many more! Take a look around to explore the different fishing options they offer, and don’t hesitate to give them a call to answer any questions or to book a reservation. They’d love to have you join us for your Galveston fishing charter!

Galveston In-Shore Fishing

Galveston Bay Fishing is famous throughout the year for its excellent fishing. Speckled tricks and redfish are excellent every year. Add the exciting flounder fishing in the fall and see why the Galveston Bays are one of the most exciting fishing on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Several times every annual Saltwater fishermen and visitors from around the state of Texas and even from around the country come to Galveston to enjoy great fishing.

The Galveston Bay Complex is known for its excellent fishing all year round. There are 3 main bays that make up most of the complex. (East Bay, West Bay and Trinity Bay) The Galveston Bay Complex is the largest estuary on the Texas Gulf Coast. Needless to say it is considered as one of the very best fisheries along the entire Coast. Many saltwater anglers often fish all these bays with great success during every month of the year. With an experienced and knowledgeable guide like our Captains and good weather conditions, you and your guest will have a great chance of having a successful outing. Our captains are fully licensed by both the United States Coast Guard and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

We takes pride in being extremely courteous and very professional on all our trips. We offer anchored, drifting and wading trips with live bait or with the latest artificial baits. Half day trips or full day trips are always available. No trip is too big or too small for this captain. All levels of anglers from a novice fisherman (children included) or an experienced saltwater angler are welcomed to fish with us. We truly look forward to spending a very exciting and quality day on the water fishing with you and all your guest. Call us today and book or reserve your future fishing trip with an experienced and accomplished guide. We welcome you to join us on the water for some awesome saltwater fishing!

Galveston Fishing Charters

Nothing compares to family and friends on a day of fishing. This is particularly true if the fish don’t stop biting. Galveston’s natural beauty and unbelievable deep sea fishing are famous. And while fishing is a relaxing activity there may be no time to relax, fishing here is so good.

We are a well-known and experienced guide to the Galveston Bay fishing tour. Our captains are ready to offer an unforgettable day of unbelievable fishing in Galveston, Texas, with 30 years of guided fishing.

What to Bring

  • The state of Texas requires a salt water fishing license for ALL trips, including deep sea trips. The only exceptions are for anyone under 17 years old or anyone born before Sept. 1, 1930. Everyone else must have a license with them. Also, be sure that the license includes a red drum tag.
  • Food and drinks iced down in a small cooler
  • Another ice chest for the fish you catch. (Leave it in your vehicle until we get back to the dock.)
  • Hat, sunscreen, camera and towels
  • Non-skid, soft-soled shoes
  • Sea-sick medicine (if necessary)
  • You may bring adult beverages as long as there are no glass containers.
  • If you are bringing small children, please call ahead to make sure we have life jackets on board that will fit them.

Galveston Fishing Guide

Government stocking programs and volunteer efforts has made Galveston one of the hottest fishing destinations in Texas. Fortunately, the large size of the water bodies means there is plenty of elbow room to fish, even when other Galveston fishing guides are on the water. This means you and your party can enjoy the thrill of some of best fishing in Texas, while still enjoying the peacefulness of this beautiful city.

Why select us when you search the long list of fishing guides for Galveston? The answer is personal service and sport love. Fishing is more than just fishing; it’s one of the rare occasions in life for people you care for to spend a real time with. Fishing in Galveston is an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and peacefulness of the area and to test your fishing abilities.

One of the greatest joys you can have fishing is watching the thrill and fascination children have when they are learning the sport. Our captains are advocates for programs that give children the opportunity to learn the art of fishing, and is thrilled when he has the opportunity to teach kids to fish on his boat.

Our captains are proud to be involved with the Fish for Kids program sponsored by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. When you love what you do for a living, you are eager to share it with everyone.
We at Galveston Charter Guide are eager to share our love for fishing with all of our clients.

Best Fishing Guides Of Texas.

Fishing can be fun or frustrating, stack the odds in your favor with the best fishing guides in the area. Our professional fishing guides here at Galveston Charter Guide are prepared to teach you everything you need to know about fishing in the Southeast Texas area, and more importantly, where the fish are hiding.

Fishing Tour Guide Galveston

When it comes to fishing in Galveston, we are the best in the market today. Our fishing guides not only know secret Texas and Galveston fishing spots, but also give you valuable and interesting fishing tips throughout the trip.

Fishing guides spend their working life on water. Galveston Charter Guide offers unique fishing trips for every level angler. Whether you are looking for an intense hunt for a trophy class fish or just a relaxing day on the water, there is a package designed for you. They will not only take you to a great fishing site, but also explain why it is so good so you’ll know what to look for when you’re on your own. We abide by all Teas fishing license laws.

When you love something, you want to share it with everyone. We at Galveston Charter Guide want to share our love of fishing with you and your friends or family. Join us for a day on the water, and we guarantee you will end the day with a smile on your face.

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