Cabinet Costs During a Remodel

New Cabinets Cost in Texas

What do New Cabinets Cost in Texas?

Cabinets are used for storage throughout most homes. They’re installed in most kitchens and can be found in bathrooms, storage rooms, laundry rooms, work areas and the garage. Cabinets are available in a wide array of styles, materials, sizes and costs. In this Remodeling Cost Guide, you’ll get information you can use to determine what type of cabinetry is right for your home. Price estimates are included so that you can factor them into in your budget, whether it’s bathroom or kitchen remodeling costs, or for another part of your home.

  • Project Cost Range: $150-$200 / linear foot – off the shelf cabinets from a home improvement store. $280-$500 / linear foot for custom cabinets.
  • Commonly Quoted By: New cabinets are usually priced by the linear foot as well as the types of cabinets and materials.
  • Typically Includes: Initial site visit, removal of old cabinets and surface prep. New cabinets, supplies, installation and labor.
  • Project Skill Level: 5/10 – for off the shelf cabinets, installation is an average diy project. DIY is usually not an option for custom cabinets, since they are custom fit and most often installed by the cabinet maker.

Types of Cabinetry

There are three types of cabinets to consider for your home, off the rack cabinets, semi-custom cabinets and custom cabinets. All the major home improvement stores carry an inexpensive line of cabinets that are stocked on the shelves. The store will carry 2-5 lines in different wood types and finish. You can pick up the pieces you need – including base cabinets such as sink cabinets or corner cabinets as well as wall and pantry cabinets – take them home ready for installation.

You can usually buy semi-custom cabinets at home improvement stores too. The store might work with several companies and will often have display kitchens showing off several lines of cabinets. You choose the company, the line of cabinets which is usually based on wood specie, and select your choice of features including door style, hardware style and finish. You bring in the blueprints and they fit the cabinets to your space. Once you order the semi-custom cabinets, they take 4-8 weeks in most cases to make and deliver.

Fully custom cabinets are usually produced by local companies that only do custom work. The company representative comes to your home, shows you what types or cabinetry is available, and you select virtually every facet of your new cabinets. Custom cabinets can take a bit longer to make, and they are sometimes built on-site. Rather than having separate sections, custom cabinets are made from longer continuous pieces of wood.

Cabinetry Materials

Inexpensive cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom, storage area or garages might be made from pressed wood composite board, or particle board, with wood veneer or plastic veneer on the faces and doors. Some cabinetry, especially for work areas, is made out of painted steel. The best cabinets are solid wood. Wood types used include pine, oak, cherry, birch, maple, teak, bamboo and quite a few others. With the popularity of green building materials growing rapidly, new products are making their way to the market place, many using recycled materials in their construction.

Cabinetry Prices

The more custom your cabinets are, the more they will cost. For off the rack cabinets, you’ll pay $40-$150 per linear foot. For semi-custom cabinets, you’ll pay $175-$350 per linear foot. Fully custom cabinets will cost $300-$600 per linear foot.

DIY Installation of Cabinets or Hire a Pro?

Hanging wall cabinets and setting base cabinets requires an ability to skillfully use a variety of tools. These include a level, a stud finder, a drill or driver and possibly a planer. The homeowner with good DIY skills might consider tackling the job. It does take a certain level of expertise. Cabinets that are not hung correctly won’t look their best, and might be visibly crooked or have gaps between them. Base cabinets have to be installed properly in order to accept the countertops and have them fit correctly.

It’s never a bad idea to get quotes from local remodeling contractors either. Most will provide free written estimates, so you can factor them into your bathroom or kitchen remodeling costs, for example. Getting multiple written quotes is the best way to find the right combination of price and expertise in the contractor you hire. Expect most estimates for installation to be $35-$100 per linear foot.

Once you know what a contractor will charge to install your cabinetry, you can decide whether to hire the contractor or to give it a shot yourself.

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