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How cheap can you build a kitchen island in Texas?

Kitchen islands are a very good way to maximize space and add functionality to your kitchen. They provide work space for food preparation, additional cabinet or shelf space while helping reduce clutter from kitchen counters. Adding a sink to a built-in island is also possible to enhance their usefulness. Islands may stand alone in the center of the kitchen or be installed as an extension of a countertop, as a peninsula. They can help produce the triangular work space that makes kitchens more efficient and may form an attractive division between the kitchen and living space.

In this Remodel Cost Guide article, we will how to plan for the addition of an island in your kitchen and the cost factors that you should consider before you decide to install a kitchen island.

Most islands have plenty of lighting above them to provide illumination anywhere on the island you use for work. There are many unique, useful and creative ways to design and use kitchen islands.

Kictchen Island Styles

Although it may not appear to be as important, the cost of a kitchen island is heavily influenced by its style and layout. A kitchen island’s primary function is to increase kitchen productivity and meet your everyday requirements. Here are some island ideas for your kitchen renovation.

Rolling Kitchen Island

A rolling island is the best option if you don’t need something permanent and concrete but still need workspace and extra storage. Depending on the style and size of the cart, this readymade island with wheels will add between $100 and $1000 to your kitchen remodeling costs. For storage, these islands may have cabinets or open shelving, as well as a butcher block top.

Rectangular Kitchen Island

A rectangular island is a popular choice in most kitchens. A rectangular island fits perfectly in all kitchen layouts, whether they are L-shaped, U-shaped, or galley. A rectangular kitchen remodel also works well with an open floor plan because it divides the space between the kitchen and the adjacent area without erecting any walls. These islands can range in price from $500 to $5,000, depending on the features they include, such as seating, sinks, and cooktops.

U-shaped Kitchen Island

A U-shaped island is uncommon in most homes, but can be found in homes with a large layout and an open floor plan in the kitchen. Similarly, a U-shaped island is commonly used in kitchen remodels that require double or triple duty. It usually has two to three sinks, cooktops, extra seating around the perimeter, and adequate storage. On average, a U-shaped island costs between $2000 and $9000.

L-shaped Kitchen Island

An L-shaped island is ideal for larger, open-concept kitchens because it offers more kitchen storage options. The L-shaped island is designed with a dining option on the shorter end with seating and a sink and preparation area on the longer end. It can also be configured with counter space on one end and a cooktop on the other. Because this island provides additional storage space, it may cost between $1000 and $7000 when remodeling your kitchen.

Glley Kitchen Island

A galley island is a thin, long, rectangular piece of furniture. A galley island is designed for galley kitchens to provide additional cabinet and counter space as part of your kitchen remodeling project. These islands are proportionate for a galley kitchen remodel and are neither too large nor too small. A galley kitchens island costs about the same as a rectangular island, between $500 and $5000.

Questions to Consider in Planning Kitchen Islands

How will it be used?

Form must follow function for the kitchen island to be most effective. Is it primarily for food preparation? Then is should be located conveniently to the refrigerator, pantry and the utensils you use for preparation. Having its own sink, and electrical outlets if allowed by code in your area, will be very helpful. If it will double as eating space, like a breakfast bar, than having an overhanging counter on one or more sides will be essential.

What shape should it be?

The shape and size of the design will have the greatest influence on the price of your kitchen island. Of course, this is due to the fact that the size of the island is directly proportional to the size of the countertop, the quantity of cabinets, and, finally, the quantity of material used.

For food preparation, a rectangle is better than a circle and an L-shape with a sink is an excellent design. For eating, a circle design allows more intimacy. If used for eating, the top should be about 28” for kitchen chairs and 36” to 44” for stools of various heights.

What should it be topped with?

If you want a simple, pre-built island, you can find them at any home improvement store. They may or may not include the countertop. Sometimes you have to buy the countertop separately and install it yourself or with the assistance of a carpenter. This is an additional cost, but it is less expensive than installing a custom island.

You’ve got many different choices. Some homeowners employ the same material used for their kitchen counters while others prefer something to offset the counters attractively. For example, a stone top for the island will go very well with granite countertops; a solid laminate island top will work nicely with patterned laminate counters; and large tile for the island top will complement smaller ceramic tile on counters.

Kitchen Islands Cost Factors

A stock island with an inexpensive countertop won’t cost much. A custom design with an expensive counter top and the addition of either plumbing or electricity will raise the price accordingly. Just for kitchen islands, figure between 5% and 10% of your total budget.

Assume you want to include this opulent element in your kitchen. In that case, there are some other expenses to consider. For example, the plumbing fixtures on the island can significantly raise the overall cost of the kitchen island. Aside from purchasing new wiring and fixtures, new plumbing or electrical fixtures will necessitate the hiring of a plumber or electrician and payment of labor costs.


Islands can do much for the total look and functionality of the kitchen. While there won’t be enough room in a galley kitchen or other small kitchen types, if an island can be included in your kitchen design, it will be an investment you’ll get an excellent return from.

Adding a Kitchen Island ? Just be sure to do your homework and research everything you can upfront.

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