Shelving, Pantry, and Storage Closet Costs

Shelving, Pantry, and Storage Closet Costs

How Much to Build Custom Pantry Closets & Organizer Systems in Texas?

Organizing space in your home allows you to make the best use of it while keeping each room looking its best too. There are a multitude of shelving, storage and organizing products available. This remodeling cost guide will help you know what prices to include in your home office remodeling costs, den remodeling costs, master bedroom remodeling costs or whatever room needs organizing.

  • Project Cost Range: $350 – $1000 for Wire Shelving and Off the Shelf
  • Products. $750 – $5000 or more for Custom Closet Organizers.
  • Commonly Quoted By: Price Varies by Project Details.
  • Typically Includes: Storage Units, Shelving, Professional Installation, Paint and Finish as Needed, and Required Hardware.
  • Project Skill Level: 4/10, This is a Common DIY Project.

Shelving for your Home

Shelves are a great choice of books, dishes, knickknacks, clothing, CDs or DVDs and much more. You can find shelving in a wide variety of styles and prices. The least expensive is particle board shelving with a plastic or vinyl veneer. Solid wood shelving is the most expensive. Aluminum or wire shelving is also quite affordable, whereas decorative steel shelving can be a bit more expensive.

The cost of the shelving material itself, not including installation, varies from $1 to $8 per linear foot, depending on the material, the width and the thickness you select.

Storage and Bins for your Home

Inexpensive plastic storage bins are a great way to store items that aren’t especially valuable, especially in the garage. They can be used for toys, bedding or clothes and much more. If you buy multiples of the same size, they are stackable. They are also lightweight when empty.

For dishes, books and things with greater sentiment or dollar value, wooden trunks offer more durability and security in the kitchen or other areas inside the home. They can also be quite attractive and are suitable for living rooms, home offices and dens.

Closet Organizers for your Home

Closet and area organizers are a fantastic way to get the most out of your space while keeping everything within easy reach. Storage systems are available online or from home improvement stores, or you can hire a local company to design and install organizers according to your requirements. These systems are available in a range of materials including wire, vinyl, aluminum and wood.

For just the materials or the unit, expect to spend $200-$400 for a small closet or $350-$1,000 or more for a walk-in closet.

DIY Installation of Shelving and Organizers or Hire a Pro?

This can be a do it yourself project if you have the tools and the skills. You’ll need a tape measure to measure the space and the materials you’re using. If you’re ordering a system online, you measure all the dimensions and then choose what type of material and what specific components you want for the organizer. Once the organizer arrives, you’ll need a level, stud finder and power drill to install it.

If you’re building shelving or an organizer system yourself from raw materials, you’ll need a table saw or circular saw, a stud finder, a power drill for installing fasteners, and a level. It will help to draw up a plan ahead of time so you you’ll know how much board length of material to purchase. By installing shelving or organizer systems yourself, you can save 35% or more on the total cost of the project.

The advantage of hiring a professional is that they’ve got the know-how to help you choose the right features and components for your space. These companies offer a range of components that includes clothes racks, baskets, bins, closet bars, shelves, tie racks, towers, shoe racks, cedar lining, cedar hangers, padded hanger and more.

Shelving and Organizer Prices

Pricing varies quite a bit based on the quality of the materials you choose and the specific design. For professional installation, always get several estimates for the work. You can use the process to find out what’s available as well as get price quotes. It will give you an opportunity to decide what style and type of organization system and shelving will work best in your home.

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