Sink Installation Cost – Replace Bathroom Kitchen Sink

Replace Kitchen Bathroom Sink

Kitchen, Utility and Bathroom Sink Installation Costs in Texas

The sinks you choose for your home remodeling project will combine practical functionality with style that matches your overall design scheme. Whether you’re selecting a sink for the kitchen, bath, wet bar, utility or laundry room, the garage or a work shop, you’ve got plenty of options in style and price range. In this Remodel Cost Guides article, you’ll get a feel for what’s available and how the price of various sink types will affect your kitchen remodeling costs, bathroom remodeling costs and more.

As you shop for the right sink, you’ll find an appealing range of choices. Here’s an overview.

Kitchen Sinks- Installation Cost

A single kitchen sink is still the norm for most kitchens, but in busy homes where cooking large meals is a common practice, prep sinks are becoming more common for kitchen remodels as well. In terms of materials used for kitchen sinks, stainless steel remains a top choice for many homes, though materials that offer a bit more interest are gaining ground. Brass, composite, copper, glass, vitreous china and cast iron among the most popular.

In terms of cost, a standard-gauge stainless steel sink can cost less than $100. A high-end kitchen sink can easily surpass $1,200. The most common price range for a quality kitchen sink is $250-$600.

Bathroom Sinks – Installation Cost

The bathroom is the other location where your options are diverse and they can be expensive. As with the kitchen, styles include traditional, contemporary, country, French country, European, Old World and more. You can select from under-counter sinks, vessel sinks, wall-mount sinks, pedestal sinks and more. The same materials are used as in kitchen sinks. The price range in the bathroom ranges from about $100 to over $1,000, but more homeowners will find a good match for their bathroom in the $125-$500 range.

Wet Bar Sinks- Installation Cost

Stainless steel is the top choice for a wet bar because it needs to be very durable while also being attractive. Cast iron is another popular choice because of its toughness. Single basin and divided sinks are both popular in the bar, and costs will be $100-$350 for most choices.

Utility Sinks for the Laundry or Utility Locations

In the laundry room, basement, workshop and similar locations, the emphasis is typically on functionality. But that doesn’t mean that looks don’t matter. Cabinet sinks are very common and are most often made from composite or stainless steel. Wall-mount, free-standing and standard under-counter sinks are also a popular choice for utility locations. For a utility sink, expect prices for most options to be $150-$350.

In all of these areas, don’t forget to factor in the cost of a faucet! Faucets can be expensive, and if you overlook them in your initial budgeting, you might find that they can put your kitchen or bathroom remodeling costs over budget. Expect to pay $35-$100 for the least expensive faucets. Many cost $100-$300, and the most expensive can have prices that exceed $1,000.

DIY Installation of Sinks and Faucets or Hire a Pro?

Free-standing utility tubs and even pedestal sinks can be fairly easy to install, and are DIY projects for many homeowners. When installing sinks into a countertop, the difficulty can be greatly multiplied. This requires exact measuring, careful cutting with one or more types of power saw, and the correct fasteners to hold the sink in place. The concern with doing these projects yourself is that an error along the way – one that ruins a countertop for example – can be a very costly error indeed.

Replacing a sink with one of the same size might be a 30-minute job for many contractors, and your cost would be less than $100. The more time and skill is involved, the more the cost will be. Nationally, the typical range for installing a new sink in a kitchen or bath when the countertop needs to be cut is $150-$300 for the labor. If you plan to have your new sink professionally installed, consider getting at least 3 written estimates for the job. Most contractor will provide those estimates for free, and it gives you a chance to find the lowest prices and a contractor with skills you can trust.

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