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What is a Texas Public Adjuster?

Texas Public Adjusters are experts who look out for YOUR best interests.

Do you have a disagreement with your insurance provider? Have they made you a lowball offer? If this is the case, hiring a public adjuster in Texas to assist with an insurance claim can be a life-changing decision. A growing number of Texas residents are now hiring claims adjusters, also known in the insurance industry as Public Adjusters.

A public adjuster can file as well as negotiate your claim for flood, fire, smoke, wind, and hurricane damage, as well as damage from other perils and even loss of business income if property damage is involved. Your insurance company will send out THEIR adjuster, but you can hire your OWN public insurance adjuster to evaluate your property loss and assist you in filing insurance claims.

For example, if a storm destroys a portion of a roof, a homeowner is inclined to underestimate the cost of a new roof and may even overlook expenditures such as the expense of removing the damaged roof.

A public adjuster in Texas is an insurance claim expert who will collaborate with you and your insurance company until the claim is processed. A public adjuster works for you, the policyholder, and their primary objective is to make sure that you receive a full payout on your insurance claim. They are not allied with any insurance company.

What are the types of claims adjusters?

  1. Public insurance adjusters, also known as private adjusters, are independent contractors who do not work for insurance companies.
  2. Independent adjusters are individuals who contract with insurance providers and work at their behest.
  3. Company adjusters, also known as staff adjusters, work directly for the insurance company, so their top priority is the firm’s bottom line.

What’s the difference between public adjuster and  insurance adjuster?

While “public adjusters” only work for the insurance policyholder, independent adjusters are compensated by the insurance company to handle the claim on their behalf. With many of the many clauses and procedures associated with a normal insurance property claim, “Public Adjusters” assist policyholders.

The only type of claims adjuster who works on behalf of the policyholder and fights for you during the insurance claims resolution process is a Public insurance adjuster.

Texas Public Adjusters For Property Damage Insurance Claims.

You have the option of working with the insurance company’s adjusters or hiring your own public insurance adjuster. The participation of a public insurance adjuster almost always leads to significantly higher insurance settlement payments. All public adjusters in Texas must be licensed, and adjusters must maintain their license with 24 hours of continuing education. Public adjusting is not appropriate for all claims. A public adjuster is typically used for large claims, difficult issues, complex insurance policies with vague language that does not benefit you as the policyholder, or if you simply need assistance with the insurance claim process and talking directly with an insurance carrier.

A public adjuster is typically used for large claims, difficult issues, complex insurance policies with vague language that does not benefit you as the policyholder, or if you simply need assistance with the claim process and handling an insurance company.

Although fees are negotiable, public adjuster fees are usually 10-20%. This restriction applies to first claims for damages brought on by the disaster. For claim payments made before the day they enter into a contract with you, public adjusters are not permitted to impose fees. Within ten business days of the contract’s execution, an insured or claimant may terminate it without incurring any fees. Disaster Fees: Public adjuster costs are capped at 10% of the claim payout for the first year following the governor’s proclamation of a state of emergency due to a natural catastrophe.

Texas Insurance Claim Process

Texas Public Adjusters are insurance claims specialists who interpret insurance policy provisions and are damage valuation experts. They assess the damage caused by the loss and prepare an expert estimate. They will negotiate with the insurance company on the insured’s behalf until the claim is properly settled.

Homeowners Claims Process

Public Adjusting Firms offer Peace of Mind when you know your trusted ally is looking out for your best interests.

Commercial Claims Process

Public adjusters handle the entire insurance claims process, allowing you to focus on living your life. They are an advocate that offers a “Win-Win” situation.

Multi-Family Claims Process

Expert Public Adjusters will file your claim, prepare a scope of work, and a detailed estimate of repairs, and negotiate and settle Commercial, Homeowners, and Multifamily Insurance Claims.

How much do public adjusters charge in Texas?

In Texas, public adjusters typically bill a percentage of the claim payment. An adjuster may charge a flat or hourly rate in rare cases, but the industry standard is to charge consumers 10% of the total claim amount or 25% of new money (additional funds above and beyond what your insurance company has already offered as a settlement or already paid out). According to Texas law, the fee percentage will never exceed 10% of the total claim value. The fees charged are stated in advance between the policyholder and the public adjuster, which is explained in writing in the form of a contract. In Texas, public adjusters typically work on a contingency basis, which means they are not paid until the final settlement is received.

Contact an insurance specialist that can provide the claim assistance you truly deserve. A Texas Public Adjuster can assist you if you have concerns about a property damage insurance claim, are having difficulties with the insurance claim process, or are having trouble coping with the insurance company or insurance adjuster to attain a fair settlement.

Why hire a Public Adjuster in Texas?

Hiring a Public Adjuster is an important safeguard for your policyholder protections. Texas tests and licenses public adjusters to work exclusively for you, not for your insurance provider.

An insured-policyholder must demonstrate the claim to the insurance company, as asserted in their insurance policy. Public Insurance Adjusters are specialists in the procedure of all areas of an insurance claim.  Licensed public adjusters are well-versed in the complexities of insurance policies.  This “Levels the Playing Field” with the your insurance company.

Forty-four states, including Texas, acknowledge that the policyholder requires someone familiar with the complex claim process to act as the policyholder’s advocate. As a result, the “Public Adjusting” vocation is recognized, licensed, and regulated.

The vast majority of Public Adjusters previously worked as insurance adjusters for large insurance companies. With this knowledge, they can prioritize you, the policyholder, over the insurance company. This way, you can benefit from the public adjuster’s insider knowledge and maximize the value of your claim.

Your Public Adjuster works only for you and is not paid until you are compensated by the insurance provider.

Finding a Public Adjuster Near You

Finding and hiring the best public adjuster in your area can be difficult for the average policyholder. You might not understand what separates a good public adjuster from a bad one. You may be unsure of which licenses, certifications, and qualifications to seek.  Do your research.


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