Hurricane Protection in Houston and Galveston, TX

Hurricane Protection texas

One of the most destructive types of weather you will get to experience is hurricane. It can cause so much damage to your life and your property, especially if you live in a coastal city. In order to minimize its bad effects and to keep you safe at all times, it is very important to protect your home from the potential damage of hurricanes including storm. Fortunately, there are a lot of options available that are worthy of consideration when it comes to providing your home with the right protection particularly your doors and windows which are most vulnerable to debris and strong winds brought about by hurricanes. High quality hurricane panels are among the most basic, very effective, and definitely economical kind of protection you can have. They are especially made to provide reliable defense and additional security for your home.

Remember that hurricanes are indeed inevitable however the damage it can cause can be very destructive. Based from the study done by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organizations, there would be more hurricanes for the coming years. Because of this, you really need to be prepared at all times by means of improving the overall safety of your home making is strong enough and a lot safer during a hurricane.

Houston Hurricane Protection Systems for Windows

Texas is one of the states that are frequently visited by hurricanes. Since 2010, there are already eight hurricanes recorded to have passed Texas. Hurricanes are devastating. They bring heavy rains and, usually, tornadoes. They can injure or kill people, destroy cars and ruin buildings. You cannot prevent hurricanes but you can protect your property and family through hurricane window protection Houston.

The hurricane panels or shutters are made to protect glass windows from flying objects. Once the windows are broken, wind will go inside the building and can be troublesome. The air pressure can also cause damages to the roof.

Like windows, you can find hurricane shutters in various styles. Some can be rolled up or down. Others are in accordion style. There are bahama and awning shutters, too. The two are similar in that their top part is attached to the top of the window. The bottom part or sides have a bar for support. You just have to remove the support to close the panel when hurricane is coming. Whatever style you prefer, make sure that the shutter is made of overlapping panels. It is stronger than a single flat panel. If you are concerned with the aesthetics of your home, there are shutters that can be attached using bolts and tracks. They can be completely removed during sunny days.

The hurricane protection systems for windows vary in price. The difference is based on what material is used and how it operates. Of course, the automatic shutters may cost up to $35 for every square foot. The manual type such as the ones with support that you need to move to put the shutter in place is cheaper. The price ranges from $15 to $25 per square foot. They may be expensive but it is a smaller cost compared to the cost of repair for damages that the hurricane might cause.

Benefits of Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are the best form of protection that you can use to prevent damage to your house, during storms. Hurricanes are very frequent in Texas, and the National Hurricane Center advises everyone to prepare there homes for storms.  The shutters are placed on doors and window openings, to keep away the debris and other flying objects that are carried by a storm from breaking the windowpanes. These shutters are beneficial in two ways.

  1. First, they prevent debris from entering the house through broken windows and causing destruction to property within the home. In addition, it keep everyone living within the home safe.
  2. Second, by protecting the windowpanes, the shutters ensure that the air pressure inside the house is stabilized and remains in equilibrium with the negative pressure that is created outside by the storm. This reduces the likelihood of the roof collapsing.

Different Types of Hurricane Shutters

Although the use of hurricane-proof glass has increased in recent years, shutters are still the most economical solution. They are usually made of polycarbonate plastic, plywood, or metals such as aluminum, or steel. There are various types of shutters that are used in modern homes, with each type having its unique benefits.

Storm panels

This is the most common type of shutters due to its low cost of installation and maintenance. Corrugated steel or aluminum is used in making the panels. To strengthen the panels, the pieces are overlapped.

Roll-down shutters

This special type of shutters is installed above the windows such that they roll down to provide protection. An enclosure is built at the top, such that when the shutters roll up, they are stored within the box.

Accordion shutters

These consist of one- or two-piece panels that are installed in an accordion-style, at the sides of the window. During a storm, these panels are unfolded to cover the windows. When not in use, they can be folded back. Just like the roll-down shutters, they are easy to make storm-ready.

It is important to research the best window protection options for you, and ensure that you hire a reputable company to install them to ensure they are done right.

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