Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Dallas

tourist attractions in Dallas

Dallas is a city in the Texas, a state of U.S. It is located in North Texas. The city is considered to be the most populated metropolitan area of U.S. and is famous for it’s historical presence, oil and cotton industries and railroad lines establishments in the place.

Dallas is an economic center showing enormous growth in every field. The construction project carried on by Dallas city spreading railroad lines across the areas provide the city with quite a number of benefits. This project implementation provide the city with facility to access the cotton, cattle and oil in North and East regions of the Texas. The prominence success of Dallas city also absorbs the construction of largest Airport in the world and being a strong center for financial and industrial success so far. Before the initiation of railroad project in Dallas, it was under the shadow of the city Fort Worth but the railroad project moved the city towards growth. Now a days, the Dallas city is known for it’s architectural skills. Visitors from all over the world visit this place to get themselves amused.

10) The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

The tall building with the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas is mostly recognized for the work, life and the tragic death of the President Kennedy who was believed to shot himself down from the sixth floor of School depository building at the meeting point of Houston and Elm streets. The museum is also known for it’s legacy along with absorbing the impact of a wide collection of historical pictures, artifacts and footage.

9) Reunion Tower

The reunion tower in the Dallas city is one of the most famous place among the visitors. It was established in 1978 in Dallas City. It’s shape is like geodesic ball having five cylindrical shape poles that are made up of concrete. Almost 560 feet long, it used to be lighten up at the night time. This tower is one of it’s most unique feature of the Reunion Tower in the city so far. With making more up gradations in the tower in 2011, now Reunion Tower in Dallas provide the tourists with a 360 degree revolving restaurant for complete view of the city along with details of buildings and landmarks of the city through Geo-deck level.

8) Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art has been around since 1903. One of the biggest museum of the city having many many stuff for the tourists, museum contains a wide collection of ancient and contemporary art work ranging up to 24000 in number. The museum contains the work from all over the world and from all the times. The most famous among all is the Mediterranean work belonging to the time of Egypt, Roman and Greek. Talking about the famous European work, it belongs to historical time period of 16 to 19 century.

7) World Aquarium in Dallas

Dallas World Aquarium is one of the most famous and most visited place at Dallas that is located within the city area of the Dallas being easily accessible to all. It contains a variety of sea life for the amusement of young and old visitors from all over the world. The aquarium contains almost 87000 gallons of salt water for the sea life preservation and maintenance.

6) Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden acquires almost 66 acres of land being located along the White Rock Lake. The garden consists of different variety of beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees and other plants varying from season to season. The garden became famous among tourists in 1984.

5) Zoo at Dallas

Dallas Zoo is the oldest and widest zoo of the Dallas city containing almost 2000 exotic animals belonging to different species apart. The zoo has been situated on area of 106 acres in Dallas. Along with being maintained as an excellent zoo, it also offers an amusement park for the pleasure of the kids.

4) Cavanaugh Flight Museum and Flight Frontiers

Aircraft and Flying museum at Dallas is one of the most attractive tourists place for the visitors. The Cavanaugh Museum is located in the North of Dallas and contains a large collection of ancient times aircraft’s for the amusement and knowledge of the visitors. It also contains art related work. The Frontiers flight at Dallas also contains flight aviation art work and aircraft’s related to ancient times also. The frontiers flight also contains mesmerizing space explorations for the knowledge and amusement of the tourists.

3) Sculpture Center

The beautiful Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas located at area of almost 2 acres contains unique collection of sculptures both the ancient and the modern one. The sculpture center absorbs the establishment and maintenance of galleries to be viewed by the tourists in order to get mesmerizing view of art work. It contains one of the largest sculptures of the city need to be carried away with help of steers and trail rider careen.

2) Meadows Museum

Meadows Museum at Dallas is a wide collection center of Spanish art work made by the most famous Spanish artists like El Greco, Goya and Picasso. Along with the famous ones, the museum also contains the work of local artists work like Frank Reaugh and Alexandre Hogue. Meadows Museum is the most famous museum in Dallas city after the famous museum in Madrid.

1) African American Museum

The museum at Dallas city contains a wide variety of artistic, cultural and historical art work belonging to America and Africa. The museum at Dallas was found in the year 1974. The museum contains a wide collection of traditional art work and cultural pieces of art. Along with it, museum absorbs a wide collection of historical products and icons to be displayed for the knowledge and amusement of the visitors from all over the world. Museum also contains large number of books present in the form of a library that is for the purpose that visitors may read them to increase their knowledge. Museum also absorbs the holding and organizing of educational programs and entertainment programs that are held in theater.

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