Top 10 Best Tourist Places in El Paso

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El Paso Tourist Attractions

El Paso is the city of Texas situated in the western corner of US. El Paso is the city where you can discover miraculous views of nature and historic places at the same time. Many historic, military and art museums and monuments are part of this cultural rich city. Combination of desert gardens, mountains and many family fun places is a unique aspect of El Paso. El Paso has also number of family parks, zoo and water places which are main attractions for travelers.

10) Franklin Mountains State Park

Franklin Mountains State Park is an adventurous Texas state park of El Paso. Thrill lovers will surly enjoy this place. Rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and cycling are main activities of this park. Specific trails are mentioned for hikers as all of the area of park is not accessible for public. These Rocky Mountains have good landscapes and pretty fair range of wildlife and plants to enjoy. Some surprising caves can be seen on Ron Coleman Trail. Camping areas are also provided here with the picnic facilities to enjoy completely a family gathering.

9) Chamizal National Memorial

Chamizal National Memorial is a historic site that is an emblem of peaceful agreement of 100-years dispute between Mexico and US. This urban park is worth watching place of El Paso. Tourists can explore natural trails for biking and hiking. Dramatic views of international borders can be observed over there. There is a small but interesting museum is located in thus park where historic and fantastic murals a placed. This park has a amazing stage for outdoor performances that’s why it is an ideal spot to attend a concert and make an evening memorable.

8) El Paso Zoo

El Paso Zoo is residence of 220 species including both of small and big creatures. This 35 acre covered zoo is well-maintained and a wondrous place for those who are looking for family outdoor activity. A visit to El Paso zoo will be a good day with your family because here you can explore animals of Africa, Asia and America. Exotic animals are provided their natural habitats to live in. This dense green fun place has many attractions for kids like Giraffe Encounter, Foster Tree house Playground and African Star Train.

7) Wyler Aerial Tramway El Paso

Panoramic views of rugged Franklin Mountains can be enjoyed with Wyler Ariel Tramway. This tramway is managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Its adventurous ride from Ranger Peak will give you opportunity to relish scenic views of three states (Texas, New Mexico and Chihuahua) and two countries (US and Mexico). This is one of the exciting things to do in El Paso. This gondola’s excursion is a lifetime experience of visitors as they experience many charming views and wildlife in four minutes ride.

6) El Paso Museum of Art

El Paso Museum of Art is a classic gallery for art lovers. It houses a magnificent collection of more than 5000 unique items. This 250-miled building is secreted the history from 12th to 18th centuries. Its entrance is free for visitors and interesting thing is that they offer numerous motivating camps and classes for children. Time to time many fascinating exhibitions held in this Museum of Art. This art gallery features many works by Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. As well as portraits of modern artists like Milton Avery, John Marin, and Max Weber are part of its great collection.

5) Magoffin Home State Historic Site

Magoffin Home State is a marvelous snapshot of old El Paso. This was home of Magoffin family who contributed a lot in US expansion, Civil war and US-Mexico relations. You will enjoy this calm, quite and cool place even in summers because its thick adobe walls keep it refreshing. The magic of these adobe walls also works in winter when they keep the house warm and cozy. This historic site is a hidden gem of El Paso as the original furniture and grand piano of that time is still displayed there to amaze its visitors.

4) Ascarate Park

Ascarate Park is the largest recreational spot in El Paso. It covers 400 acres area featuring many golf grounds, play grounds, lakes and swimming pools. This marvelous picnic spot is always remains the centre of attraction for its travelers. Here you can plan fishing, enjoy swimming and can amuse yourself with nice greenery of park. Western Play land amusement park is built within this park, where there are number of rides to impress teenagers as well as kids. Its clean and safe environment makes it a good family place to come.

3) Wet n Wild WaterWorld El Paso Texas

Wet n Wild Water World is a totally amazing and outstanding water park. This wonderful park is acquiring more than thirty rides including traditional water rides, climbing wall and Small River. Special shaded picnic points are organized to enjoy fully a entertaining Sunday. Luxurious air-conditioned VIP suites are also available for your special occasions like birthday parties, wedding anniversary or any other event. This park promotes safety and security regarding to water and swimming in such an incredible way. The park has participated many times to aware people of El Paso about water safety.

2) Keystone Heritage Park

The splendid Keystone Heritage Park of El Paso is archeological and unique site. This glorious site is almost 4500 years old and one of the most ancient villages in USA. Wetlands and Desert Botanical Garden beautify its delicacy. The botanical Garden has various native plants and bushes. 200+ bird’s species will really amaze you in Keystone Wetlands. This is a dream place for couple for their wedding shoots. This park is exclusively a family gathering location where they can explore nature in an absolutely different way.

1) El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center

El Paso Holocaust Museum is a history based museum telling emotional ad sad stories of victims of Holocaust. This museum was established with the aim of awareness of concentration of camps and resistance movements of WWII. Many portray and art crafts disclose the legendary gravity of situation. There is gallery which demonstrates the sentimental story of survivors of Holocaust. Many visitors come here and leave museum with heavyhearted. A study center crowded with books and research material is really helpful for researchers and history nerds. Educational workshops are also offered by this museum of El Paso.

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