Cost to Replace a Bathtub with a Whirlpool Tub

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How much does it cost to turn a bathtub into a whirlpool tub in Texas?

The bathroom is frequently the first room that most homeowners want to update when they think of improving their home. It’s easy to see why, especially given that this is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, as well as the place where people should feel the most at ease. However, in many cases, the cost of a bathroom renovation is the only thing preventing people from improving their bathrooms.

The overall cost of your tub remodel will be influenced by two major factors. The first consideration is the type of jacuzzi you want in your bathroom. The complexity of the installation is the second factor that will influence the cost. While some bathroom remodeling projects are straightforward and simple, others may necessitate a little more effort. This will be determined by the tub or shower you currently have, its condition, and what you intend to replace it with.

  • Project Cost Range: $600-$1000 for a whirlpool tub, material only, $300-$1000 installation due to electrical, plumbing and possible tile cutting and replacement on existing tile walls.
  • Commonly Quoted By: Whirlpool tubs are usually priced by the size, the number of jets, the quality and the difficulty of installing one, due to possible issues with getting electrical to it and redoing the plumbing
  • Typically Includes: New whirlpool tub and materials. Removal and disposal of old bathtubs if replacing existing tubs, installation labor costs
  • Project Skill Level: 8/10, Adding or replacing a whirlpool tub is not an easy DIY project

Standard Bathtub or a Whirlpool Tub?

Well depending on your budget, of course it will be less expensive to replace your tub with something similar to what you have now. A standard tub can range from $300 up to over $1000, depending on quality, brand and size, while a whirlpool tub could cost you from $600 to over $5000 depending on the features, the size, brand and quality. But is it even possible to replace your existing tub with a whirlpool tub ?  Yes it is.  There are few options for doing this. First there are manufacturers that make whirlpool tubs that will fit exactly in place of an existing standard tub, these start at around $600, but dont expect many of  the same features that some of the bigger jacuzzi tubs have.

Though $600 doesn’t sound to unreasonable to update your existing tub to a whirlpool tub, there are a few things you need to know and prepare for this to happen. First, a whirlpool tub will require an AC power outlet near it, this is to power the jets in the tub and some even have heaters that would require this. Depending on the tub, some of them just plug into the outlet where others may need to be wired in directly by an electrician, which could cost you even more for their service. This AC power circuit also needs to be a Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) to protect against electrocution and any type of electrical shorts.

The other thing to keep in mind in deciding the cost to replace a Bathtub with a whirlpool tub if you decide to replace your existing tub with a jacuzzi type is that the drain mechanism is totally different and more expensive especially if you still want to use this tub as a shower as well. Plan on paying a cost from $100 – $300 for all these plumbing hookups for the drain and shower.

If your bathroom has the space, the option of adding a 2 person jacuzzi is an option, of course this will cost your alot more, not just for the remodeling of the bathroom to fit a bigger tub, but the whirlpool tub alone will cost you most likely in the thousands of dollars. Most bathrooms that have these bigger jacuzzi tubs usually are not used with a shower head installed, usually these bathrooms will have a separate shower as well.

As you can see, you have a few different options for your replacing your bathtub without spending a fortune, but if your budget allows, you surely can upgrade to something more fancy, like a 2 person whirlpool tub with all the bells and whistles. Regardless what route you choose, even the least expensive jacuzzi tub is a major upgrade to a standard tub.

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