Summer Hunting in Texas

summer hunting Texas

Summer hunting is often thought of as a hunter’s time to repair some things around the house. But, contrary to some opinions, even with turkey season winding down, there is plenty of game to hunt during those hot summer months. You may have to be a little creative and do some traveling, but summer is replete with some fine game.

Animals to Hunt in the Summer

In contrast to other Northeastern states, Texas has a lengthy list of animals that can be legally hunted during the summer months.

It should be noted that in order to hunt any animal in any season in Texas, hunters must have a valid hunting license and carry state-issued identification with them at all times, in accordance with state law.

Hunting Crows

Crow hunting is similar to duck hunting in that decoys and calling can often draw birds in for a shot from a natural or camouflaged blind. Crow hunting is also unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

Crows are usually not thought of as great game, but they can be destructive birds, and their meat is not unsavory at all. Crows travel in large flocks and you must be stealthy, work with decoys, and have good skills in calling to get them. As they eat waterfowl eggs, and can damage farmland, they can be considered pests, at the least annoyances.

There are many wonderful recipes for crow meat as well. So you might want to consider hunting some crow. To strategize your hunt remember that there is always a “scout” crow who flies ahead to makes sure the area is safe. Some schools of thought say to take out the scout first, which will signal to the rest of the flock that it is safe to come. But others say you should leave the scout alone, which also lets the flock know, as he is fine, there are no concerns.


Alligator may not be the first game animal that comes to mind when thinking about hunting, but Texas has a long alligator season. Permits are required to hunt the reptile in 22 Texas counties in September and in all other counties from April to the end of June.

In the Lone Star State, there are over one million acres of public land available for hunting. Anyone born after September 2, 1971 who wishes to hunt in Texas must first complete a Hunter’s Education Training Course. All hunting activities in Texas require licenses and/or permits.

Nilgai Antelope Hunts

The Nilgai’s origins are in India, and they are a great challenge for most hunters. They are free-range roamers in the south of Texas and northern Mexico. With keen senses, especially their sight and sense of smell, and being very fast on their feet, they are elusive and difficult to hunt. In this case the method preferred by most hunters is the “spot-and-stalk” method. For many hunters this kind of challenge is a lot of fun. Also it is widely known that Nilgai antelope meat is absolutely delicious, and well worth the hunt. They are also able to be hunted year-round as they are not classified as game animals.

Due to the tall grass and brush, most shots will be taken from a standing position using shooting sticks, but a kneeling shot will occasionally present itself. If you have never shot from a shooting stick before, I recommend that you practice with an adjustable tripod shooting stick. On the hunt, we supply and carry a pair of sticks, so there’s no need to bring your own unless you plan on carrying them.

Hunting Hogs

Hogs, or feral pigs, are also not classified as game animals and so they can be hunted all year long. They also present a challenge to hunters as they are very prolific and somewhat invasive to the hunting landscape. Hogs are found all through the south and also as far north as Michigan and Pennsylvania. There are several ways to hunt hogs. The spot-and-stalk is one tried and true method. But you might also want to use a hunting dog –  it’s always fun to have a canine companion along – or use other kinds of weapons besides a rifle, such as knives, bows and spears. That being said , there is good hog hunting for every type of hunting enthusiast.

So don’t think of the summer as a hunter’s “down time”. That is just untrue. For the hunter, summers can be as game-packed as any other time of year.


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