How Much Does it Cost to Spray Foam a Ceiling?

Spray Foam Ceiling

Spray Foam Ceiling Insulation

If you’ve been receiving soaring energy bills it is time to take a look at your attic, more specifically the insulation.

Heat buildup in the attic can cause swelling and cracking of the shingles on your roof. It may also soften the plywood on your deck. Insulating the attic will address these woes before they happen.

When you compare your energy bills, you may find that in some months they are considerably higher than in other months. This should concern you since this may indicate that your house may have been insulated improperly, or there has been no insulation installed. People must always give importance to the insulation of their houses. Other than having substantial savings on their energy bills, insulation has many benefits as well. One has to understand which types of insulation materials should be used in certain areas of the house. Considered to be an efficient insulation pairing, homeowners prefer to have spray foam insulation applied to their ceilings. Spray foam insulation in ceilings and its cost will be explained in this article.

Importance Of Insulating the Ceiling

The main point of insulation is that it prevents hot air from flowing into areas that have lower temperatures. The movement of hot and cold air would be concerning for any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC). This movement may cause HVAC systems to work inefficiently. This would cause an increase in one’s energy bills. With that being said, you may refer below to the important things that everyone should know about ceiling insulation:

Air can freely flow through cracks and small holes. Even the tiniest hairline crack can give air space to move. Ceilings are not safe from having any of these imperfections. Without insulation, air may rise up and escape the house, or it may drop from the outside and enter the house.

Using the correct insulating materials to cover the ceiling would ensure that air will not easily escape or enter the house. Houses that are located in Canada are exposed to regular extreme climate changes. This means that during winter time, the hot air being produced by the heating system will try to escape the house since the temperature outside is lower. Without proper insulation, the hot air will keep on leaking out through the ceiling. This would keep on producing cold spots inside the house. Since the heating system has to make sure that the preferred temperature set on the thermostat will be attained, it will keep on producing hot air. So the cycle goes on and will not give the heating system time to rest. This would result in an increase in the energy bill after winter time. The same goes during the summer wherein it will be the air-conditioning system that will get overworked because of the constant formation of hotspots inside the house.

With rain being the main source of moisture that would be entering houses through their roofs and ceilings, the chance for molds to build up inside these houses is very high. By using the correct type of insulation material, molds will not be able to live and spread inside the house. There are insulation materials that may cause the growth of molds, especially those which use cellulose as their component. Cellulose is considered to be food for mold.

Pollutants, such as dust, will not be able to enter properly insulated houses. This would make the quality of the air inside the house better. It may help prevent any respiratory health hazards.

Some insulation materials can add durability and stability to the ceiling. The structure of the insulation material may help act as additional support to the ceiling and improve its longevity.

Tips When Applying Spray Foam Insulation To The Ceiling

Considering the fact that rain is one of the problems insulation materials have to consider, insulation materials that must be used on the ceiling must be highly effective in keeping moisture out. Spray foam insulation is known to be very effective to be used on ceilings. The process of application involves spraying a mix of chemicals on the surfaces of the ceiling. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) contains the chemicals isocyanate and resin. When these two chemicals mix, the product becomes a foamy substance that will expand and eventually harden after some time.

The hardened foam is known to last for a very long time unless broken using hard physical force. The good thing why spray foam insulation is good for ceilings is because while in its liquid foamy stage, it can fill into smaller cracks and holes. It will eventually harden and seal these holes, making it impossible for water or moisture to enter or leak into the house. Seeing that it is an excellent option for insulating the ceiling, one of the best tips is for you to contact insulation contractors or experts to do the work of insulating your ceiling. This is highly advised since these insulation experts have the proper tools and required techniques to properly fulfill the job. You may refer below for more tips about spray foaming your ceiling:

If you prefer to do the job yourself, then you must ensure that you have all the appropriate tools and gear prepared.

o   Using a spray foam kit is highly recommended to you so that all the necessary tools are already available. You will just have to prepare your safety gear since you will be dealing with chemicals that are toxic when inhaled or ingested. Some of the most common gear you will need to include a mask, gloves, protective suit, and any other equipment that will help you avoid getting intoxicated while working.

o   With regards to the spray foam device, always prepare extra nozzles or tips. When you are spraying while the area is exposed to a warm temperature, the spray foam material tends to cure faster. This would clog up the nozzle, which would indicate that you will need to use a newer nozzle.

Since your target is insulating the ceiling, make sure to choose closed spray foam with a higher R-value.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is known for having a closed-cell composition which makes it impossible for water and air to leak through.

Insulation materials are measured by their ability to resist conductive heat flow. Insulation is rated by its thermal resistance, which is also known as R-value. The higher the rating for the R-value means that the material has better insulation. Closed-cell spray foam insulation has an R-value that is more than 6.0 per inch.

Prepare the areas that will be applied with spray foam insulation.

The areas must be cleaned from any form of dust or grime to make the surface smooth. Spray foam should be sprayed on an even surface. It only takes a thin layer of spray foam insulation to do the job. Over-spraying will be a waste and may have a negative impact as the material will not be able to completely dry up.

It is highly advised that you wait for the areas to be fully dry before you start spraying. The foam will not be able to stick on a wet surface.

Wait for the foam to dry completely before putting back any of your furniture or things.

Since you are working on the ceiling, there will be a chance that the material may drop from the ceiling to the floor while it is still in its liquid foam. To avoid damage to your property, give it some time to harden and check if there are areas that are still wet. You need to ensure that there are no wet areas because these areas may produce a very bad and intoxicating odor that may stick to your property.

Cost Of Applying Spray Foam Insulation To A Ceiling

It may seem easy to apply the product by yourself. However, you should understand that it is also easy to make mistakes that would be hazardous to one’s health. Having spray foam insulation contractors fulfill the job will ensure that the quality of work will be at the highest level without any worries of the intoxicating effects that may come up if there are areas that were not able to dry up completely. If you are interested in knowing how much it would cost you to insulate your ceiling with the use of spray foam material, you must first consider the following variable costs:

  •       Ceiling area: 300 sq. ft.
  •       R-7 closed cell spray foam insulation average price per sq.ft.: $1.50
  •       Miscellaneous expenses (includes other materials needed for preparation, installation, & cleanup): average price per sq.ft.: $1

R-7 is usually the optimal rating for applying closed-cell spray foam for a thickness of 1”. People should remember that the foam will expand before it hardens, so space must be considered for the expansion. Based on the costs and area, to get the total project cost, you must compute the total expense to get the spray foam insulation material to cover the whole ceiling area and add this to the total miscellaneous expenses that would cover the whole area. So to get this, you must first multiply $1.50 (spray foam material cost per sq.ft.) by 300 sq. ft. (total area of the ceiling). The result will be $450. Then multiply $1 (miscellaneous expenses) by 300 sq. ft. (total area of the ceiling). This will result in $300. So by adding both totals, $450 and $300, you will get the total project cost. This means that for you to properly insulate a 300 sq. ft. ceiling, you will be spending an amount of $750.

Spray Foam Is The Best Option To Insulate Your Ceiling

Even if you consider the cost it entails to insulate your ceiling with spray foam material, the benefits that spray foam has by keeping moisture and air out of the house will be more than enough. Having the chance to lower your energy expenses and not get exposed to a moldy environment, you can definitely rest easy while you are at home.

How Long Does Spray Foam Insulation Last?

Insulation is crucial for homes in Texas. It is very well known that the country experiences extreme climate changes. This constant change in temperature may cause your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) to run inefficiently without proper insulation. The cost of your energy consumption increases when your HVAC systems run poorly. One of the best forms of insulation being used is known as spray foam insulation. However, people are curious about how spray foam insulation differs from other forms of insulation and how long it lasts compared to the other alternatives. This will be discussed more in this article while also giving you further details about spray foam insulation.

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