Lubbock Cotton Court Hotel

Lubbock in the wintertime isn’t all that exciting – in fact, it is downright out cold, desolate and windy. But when you stay at a Cotton Court Hotel – The Courtyard gives you that modern Texas backyard feel – with all the amenities. The courtyard is cozy and comfortable and the staff is very friendly. The Cotton Court Hotel is the perfect little getaway in the heart of downtown Lubbock.

We stumbled upon ‘Cotton Court Hotel’ on our spring break to Taos. The hotel is a diamond in the rough. A boutique hotel that has more than meets the mundane exterior. The modern design hotel is relaxing and comfortable with typical Texas rural terrain elements.

The hotel is located in downtown Lubbock. The hotel has all the amenities you will need for a little family vacation. Amenities include; the most beautiful grounds with an outdoor pool, a restaurant, outdoor games, a 24-hour fitness center, and a very friendly staff.


Cotton Court Hotel History

It is a hotel that has not forgotten its origin and how it came about: the name says it all ‘cotton court’ – It pays tribute to the area’s cotton history; cotton mills, cotton gins, and cotton agriculture. It’s a boutique hotel where you feel like you have to emerge yourself in the relaxing backyard living at its absolute finest.
The lobby has several display cases full of Cotton Mill historical memorabilia. It took some time to study all the cotton mill historical relics. Displaying the origins of cotton is a nice way to showcase the hotel’s history.

Lubbock Cotton History

In 1899 the small town of Lubbock only harvested 15 bales of cotton. By 1950, Lubbock produced half the state’s production of cotton. The Technology of farm equipment advanced and cotton improved – Lubbock became the Center for the south plains cotton industry with cotton warehouses, a cotton exchange, and 3 cottonseed oil miles.
This set Lubbock as one of the highly sought-after places to live.

The outside of the hotel is plain and architecturally mundane. We drove around the block, not understanding where the hotel’s entrance was. The front door does not have great curb appeal. So it’s easy to miss.
When the parking lot is full – street parking is the only alternative. Not sure if there are monitored meters on the weekdays.

Cotton Court Lobby – Like a museum

Walking into the lobby at first glance is not that impressive, but it is understated! Remember to look for those hidden gems! The high vaulted ceilings and glass windows – give it an open modern feel.
Having just stepped in from the cold the lobby has a fireplace that felt warm and inviting. We were greeted with smiles by the person behind the desk.

With desk clerk gave us a warm welcome which was much appreciated after a long road trip. The check-in was effortless.
Check-in ended with a nice cold complimentary beer in my hand. The beer of course was a locally brewed beer.

The lobby has a lot of hidden gems. Besides the display cases of cotton mill relics and relics for the ’60s. Guitars are hanging on the back wall behind the lobby, and one of the guitars has a signature. Ask anyone at the hotel, and they will tell you who signed the guitar hanging on the wall with pride.
If you look up above the lobby desk and behind the overhanging balcony – you can see a wall full of random numbers. The numbers on the right side represent how they used to count and measure the cotton harvest.
To the left of the wall, the number seem random and obscure. Remember the hidden gems. These abstract numbers make up a portrait.
Can you guess the hidden portrait to the right of the overhanging balcony in the lobby? The hotel has a bit of musical nostalgia – The portrait is of someone famous from the 50’s.

The portrait is of Buddy Holly. If you can’t see the obscure portrait that is made up of numbers – just quint your eyes, and you can see a man with heavy rimmed glasses. That’s Buddy Holly. He was known for ging 1950’s American singer and songwriter and was famous for songs like “That’ll be the day” and “The days the music died”.

Walking down the hallways – it’s the custom carpeting that would set this boutique hotel apart from any other hotel. The cotton icons embedded into the carpet is like your own personal red carpet to your room.

Cotton Court Standard Bedroom

Thankfully we were in the same building as the lobby. We didn’t have to venture outside in the cold to the other buildings.
The first thing I noticed walking into the room was the refrigerator. It does seem a bit awkward to have a 5 foot refrigerator in the small room. But the refrigerator is an impressive vintage refrigerator with rounded edges, glossy white paint and chrome lettering. Going along with the vintage theme – this refrigerator does seem like it fits in quite well.
Who doesn’t love a vintage refrigerator that is fully stocked with your typical hotel goodies? It includes 15 different types of alcohol, juice, and soft drinks. The room did have a welcome basket with a few snacks.
The bathroom floor is laid with small black and white hex tiles. The hex tiles are the shape of honeycombs, and these tiles originate from the 1920’s during the Arts and Crafts movement. Yet another vintage element that makes this hotel so unique. The tiny hex tiles make up a mosaic representing a floor mat with the initials CC for ‘Cotton Court’ at the bathroom counter. Lovely touch with yet another hidden gem!

Cotton Court – Courtyard

The hotel would be great for big parties, business conferences, or just meeting a friend for a drink. The courtyard is surrounded by rooms overlooking the courtyard, making the hotel feel secluded from downtown and tucked away from the taller buildings. Since Lubbock is known to be a windy city – the surrounding two buildings would keep the wind at bay to enjoy the sun, the pool, outdoor games, the waterfall, perhaps a signature cocktail, and lots of fun little sitting areas. Some of the sitting areas have a checked board game painted on the table.

The courtyard has rustic Texas feel with elegant designed furniture and tables. The waterfall makes the tranquil sound of running water.
During the wintertime, they have 5 different fire pits going. Making it look warm and enjoyable – even in the cold.

Midnight Shift Restaurant & Bar

The hotel has a nice cozy and modern restaurant Serving local burgers, microbrewery beer, and signature cocktails. With an assortment of local microbrewery beer and signature cocktails. Popular during the week for lunch for the local Lubbock downtown commuters.

Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant features different local bands.

Conference Rooms at Cotton Court Hotel

Two conference rooms have access to the courtyard and is placed right next to the restaurant. Perfect for a business meeting or conference.

Lubbock has alot of hotels to choose from. Cotton Court is a boutique hotel that is relatively priced. This is Lubbock’s most unique hotel, and I would imagine they are probably booked during the summer and spring.
I look forward to my next road trip threw Lubbock – because I will make Cotton Court my overnight stay anytime.

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