Haunted Hotels in Texas

Haunted Hotels Texas

Texas’ Best Haunted Hotels

With Autumn falling across the Lone Star State, getting out and enjoying the amenities of Texas is a grand idea. Perhaps visiting a few old friends is in order – even if those “friends” are no longer among the living. Get ready for some spooky getaways to some of Texas’ Best Haunted Hotels and Lodges.

So, you don’t believe in ghosts. That’s what a lot of people say. After all, where are you going to go to actually find a real live ghost? Well – not a live ghost, but you know, one of those eerie, often-moaning specters of the netherworld that don’t actually realize they are dead if not departed.

Sure, we read about them. Maybe we even know of someone that claims to have encountered one. They are the subject of volumes of books, articles, radio talk programs and television shows. We whisper about them around campfires at night; entertain our kids with grand tales of the spirit world. Collectively we flock to the box office when a new ghost movie is released. But it’s all in fun – right? It’s not a serious thing – right?

Well, whatever your take on the subject – skeptic or believer – there are plenty of places under the Texas stars where you can do a little benign paranormal investigating of your own, whether you stay up all night with an EMF meter or thermal scanner in your hand or opt to climb under the sheets and spend a relaxing night in dreamland. And we’ve collected a few of the best that we have heard about for your review.

So if you’re thinking about getting away for the weekend and are looking for something or somewhere a little out-of-the-ordinary – read on! Here’s a short collection of great hotels and inns in Texas said to be haunted. But whether you come face-to-face with a real ghost or not, these retreats promise a grand ol’ time regardless. Happy hunting!

The Haunted OTT Hotel

For some, things that go “bump in the night” are fabricated for campfire stories or bedtime tales. But for the owners of the Ott Hotel in Liberty, those bumps are a friendly reminder that the guests in their hotel have refused to check out for a long, long time now. Discover one of Texas most haunted hotels and plan on spending a night or two inside for yourself. They’re open for business if you dare to brave the night in this extremely haunted hotel by the rail line.

The Galloping Ghosts of the Gage Hotel

An Old West town just wouldn’t be an Old West town without a few spooks, and the historic Gage is said to have its share. According to author Docia Schultz Williams, the Gage Hotel in Marathon has at least three resident spooks, all of which have been reported by guests down through the years. Get ready for a night Out West. And don’t forget to visit the nearby Marfa Lights for an extra thrill. Some say all of Far West Texas can be a little spooky when the wind blows just right!

The Faust Hotel in New Braunfels

Just before the Great Depression, the Faust Hotel was built near the center of town to provide comfort to visitors. The owner, Walter Faust, moved his family into the grand structure, then passed away in 1933. But hotel staff report he and other spirits often can be spotted or heard, sometimes using the antique glass elevator. While someone can be seen entering, no one seems to arrive. If you are looking for a real fright, plan on a day and night at the historic Faust Hotel in the city where the Wuest is always the best!

Jefferson’s Haunted Hotels and Inns

Jefferson, in the East Texas Pineywoods, has often been called the most haunted town in Texas. And for good reason. More than one hotel boasts of spirits that go bump in the night.. The historic Excelsior House Hotel, the Jefferson Hotel, the Claiborne House, the McKay House and White Manor Oak all have their stories to tell. Are you brave enough to spend the night in Jefferson? and while in the neighborhood, visit the eerie Caddo Lake country, a real treat if you are into spooky woods and back country.

San Antonio’s Historic Menger Hotel

The Alamo City has long been touted as one of the most haunted in cities in Texas, and for good reason. You’ll find many haunted places there, but perhaps none more spooky than the beautiful Menger Hotel. A military figure sometimes reported in at the Menger’s bar is thought to be Teddy Roosevelt, who recruited many of his “Rough Riders” there. But there are more ghosts in this historic hotel. Just ask the staff, a few of them might tell you about the really scary stories. But take heart, the Menger is a first class hotel in spite of the haunts.

Austin’s Inn at Pearl Street

It’s been called one of Texas’ most romantic bed & breakfast inns. It’s also been called haunted. During a modern renovation of this historic building, lights would continually flicker on and off. Strange, considering there was no electricity going into the house. You’ll find great amenities here, and perhaps the spirit of founder Stella Snider. and you’ll enjoy the many great attractions and activities Austin has to offer. Sleep well!

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