Garage Door Replacement Cost Guide

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How much does it cost to replace a garage door in Texas?

As the years go by, garage doors lose their shine, may begin to show corrosion or rot, and generally don’t work as well as they did when new. This Remodel Cost Guide will help you estimate the total cost of replacing the doors on one or more garages. You’ll learn about your options in terms of the types of garage doors available, and the information will help you decide to install your new garage door yourself or have a local garage door contractor do the work.

Inexpensive Garage Doors and Costs

Aluminum, fiberglass or lightweight steel doors can be very affordable. They are also easy to operate manually or with the use of an opener. They are typically made in panels and loaded into tracks for raising and lowering. If you’ve got a heated garage or want to provide a barrier against outdoor temperatures, an insulated fiberglass, aluminum or steel garage door will cost a bit more, but it can also lower your energy bills.

Standard doors in this category won’t have windows, but you can select one that does. Windows let in a bit of light and allow you to look outside before opening the garage door. The garage door windows are usually too small for anyone to fit through one, but they might give them a chance to see what you’ve got in your garage.

Here are expected costs for garage doors in this class. For a single car garage, prices for the door and hardware will be $550-$1,100. For a 2-car garage, costs will run $700-$1,440. In both cases, those with insulation and windows cost the most.

Expensive Garage Doors

Wood garage doors and high-end steel garage doors are usually quite a bit more expensive. Wood doors give a traditional, elegant touch to a home. Steel doors are more contemporary and they are more secure than aluminum or fiberglass. These doors can be overhead garage doors made with panels or might be carriage doors that swing open.

For high-quality steel or wood doors for garages, your costs will be $1,500-$2,500 depending on the type of wood that is used and how ornately it is designed.

Garage Door Openers

Adding a garage door opener when completing outdoor projects adds lots of convenience to a garage door, and most homeowners include one in their home remodeling costs when replacing the garage door. The weight of your garage door will determine the size of the motor and the strength of the chain used to raise the door. Some openers are made to be more durable than others too. These factors will affect costs. For most types of garage doors, expect prices in the range of $150-$325 for the opener.

DIY Garage Door Installation or Hire a Pro?

Handy homeowners might decide to tackle garage door installation, saving on the total garage door costs. You’ll need lumber to attach to the wall, and then to attach the door to, a power saw and drill, and basic hand tools. A tape measure and level will also be needed. It’s a time-consuming job and must be done with precision. A door that isn’t hung very straight won’t open or close effectively and may break.

If you’d prefer to have a garage door contractor install the door, be sure to get at least 3 written estimates for the work. It’s both a good way to find low prices and to check out the contractors to find the one with the best reputation. If you’ve already got a door picked out, the contractors will give you price quotes for the installation. If you don’t have a specific door in mind, they can show you options and give you estimates for both the door and installation.

A new garage door as part of a home remodeling project can add beauty and greater utility to your home, most times at a pretty reasonable price.

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