Spa & Swimming Pools Cost Guide

Spa Pools Cost Guide

How much should you budget for a pool or spa in Texas?

A pool or a spa is an investment in your home. With the real estate market still poor in most areas, homeowners are spending money to upgrade their current homes rather than try to sell and upgrade. A pool or spa can make your home more of your castle, a place you enjoy spending time with family and friends. This Remodeling Cost Guide will help you plan for your costs for these items, but you’ll need to get written estimates from contractors for prices on exactly what you want.

Swimming Pool Cost Texas

Above-ground pools are an affordable choice for an outside remodeling project, but they have limitations. They’re great for wading, sunbathing, and playing, but aren’t deep enough for diving and usually aren’t long enough for lap swimming. You’ve got options in above-ground pools for depth and shape. Most pool manufacturers offer models with depths from 3 feet to as much as 6 feet. Round or rectangular pools are available.

Inground pools are more expensive, but they offer more functionality too. Most have deep ends of up to 12 feet to allow for a diving board. They are better for swimming laps. These pools come in a variety of sizes and in several different shapes, though rectangular inground pools continue to be the most common.

Your Spa Options

A spa is a luxury item that can really enhance life on your deck or patio. Spas come in several sizes to fit 2-8 people, or possibly more, though most are designed for 5-7 people to enjoy. Also known as hot tubs, spas come in several different configurations and have multiple options for jetted water. Take some time to review what’s available in the market before you make your choice of brands and models in order to find the hot tub that has the features you’ll enjoy the most.

Pool and Spa Prices

Prices vary widely for pools, as you might guess. Quality above-ground pools, and we’re not talking about the inflatable type here, range in cost from $4,000 to $8,000, roughly, for just the pool. Installation is extra unless you decide to do it yourself.

Inground pools are much more expensive, with costs starting at about $12,000 and extending well beyond $50,000. The least expensive type uses a vinyl liner system and ranges in price from $12,000 to $20,000. Fiberglass pre-formed inground pools are a definite step up, though the size is limited since they are transported and installed in one piece. They cost approximately $20,000 to $40,0000. Custom concrete inground pools offer the most options for size and shape. Most concrete inground pools cost $25,000 to $35,000 complete with the filtration system, lighting, and a water heater. But very large pools can easily cost far more.

Small, 2-person portable spas don’t offer as many luxuries, but they are affordable, costing $1,500-$2,500. Standard full-size hot tubs range from $4,000 to $8,000 and luxury spas with all the bells and whistles will cost up to $12,000.

There are several things that will add to the cost of your pool or spa. Building a deck around an above-ground pool adds functionality and enjoyment. The size of the deck and how elaborate it is will determine the cost. Placing your spa in the ground will add costs and so will building a deck around a spa if you don’t place it in the ground. Adding a paver stone or stained concrete area around your inground pool or spa, instead of a standard concrete one, will also increase the cost.

In addition, keep in mind the maintenance demands that pools and spas have. With filters, chemicals, electricity and other extras expect your yearly maintenance fees to be $150-$400 and possibly more.

Finding the Right Pool or Spa Contractor

While some homeowners will want to save money by installing their own above-ground pool, the time and expertise required means that most are installed by professionals. Inground pools are virtually always done by professional contractors, and most spa installations are handled by pros too because the units are heavy and both plumbing and electrical hookups are required.

When looking for the right contractor, plan to get at least 3 written estimates from companies that know they’re competing for the work. Use the process to evaluate the experience and skills of the contractor. Learn about their references or reputation. Make your choice based on both price and the comfort level you have with the contractor. The quality of the installation will have a lot to do with the performance of the pool or spa in the years ahead.

Use the information in this pool and spa cost guide as general estimates. Shop around for the type of pool or spa you want, since it is an expensive investment in your home. Taking your time to find what you want will help ensure your lasting enjoyment of your new spa or pool.

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