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Texas Rose Bushes

The roses I plant are hardy, tough, beautiful . . . AND easy. I’ve planted them for years. I don’t prepare the beds or spray – and rarely fertilize. Occasionally, I water them. And, I have dogs, who love to mark tall things, daily.

There are hundreds of types of roses. I only plant those that do NOT need any help. Fussy plants are not for me.

Finding the right type for drought, humidity, Houston summer sun, and the occasional super freeze that all occurs here from time to time can be a challenge, as most gardeners know. Most roses don’t like our summers, leave ’em be, they’ll flower again soon enough.

Roses handle varied conditions far better than many other blooming plants, and they will do so nearly all year here, blooming in winter-time when little else does except annuals low to the ground.

There is a profound array of colors, scents and needs associated with this magical flower. What to plant that will fulfill the promises found on the labels? Houston‘s zones vary; what works in Tomball may not in League City.

Buy only from known rose sources that have tried out the plants that they sell, or shop locally owned specialized nurseries. Ask questions.

The chain nurseries often mislabel theirs IF labeled at all, and they do not have a staff that is informed. They force-feed them too much, to keep them blooming until you put them in your own yard.

Basic Rose Types

Floribunda, hybrid tea, Grandiflora, climbers, and shrubs. They need good sunlight (4-5 hours), and know how big your rose will ultimately be and who he is next to! Two to 10 years down the road all perennials will be growing and thriving. Bougainvilleas, agaves, and cacti, for example, require the gardener to have the knowledge, since they have thorns that don’t play well with others.


Mutabilis or Butterfly Rose

Mutabilis is an excellent shrub and landscape rose. Its vigorous habit and size can conceal any flaws. Throughout the year, very simple “butterfly” flowers appear in yellow, pink, and lilac. The fragrance is light and fruity. Mutabilis has moderate resistance to common rose diseases such as black spots. It can be allowed to grow without being pruned.

Large bush up to 10 feet tall, a great one to hide fencing and keep out drifters. Sulpher/ orange/pink /crimson single blooms nearly all year. Nonscented. Can manage shade.

Drift Roses

Drift roses are well suited for a wide variety of landscapes being more versatile than old-fashioned roses. Matthew Barlow discusses drift rose variations, and care requirements including pruning and fertilization. Short, showy, compact, and a variety of sweet colors. Scented. Max 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide.

Cinco de Mayo Rose

This Julia Child offspring puts a whole new spin on ‘flower power.’ On this powerfully flowering Floribunda, the clusters of blooms never stop opening. Mysteriously colored and deliriously novel… it’s an indescribable combination of smoked lavender and rusty red-orange. Yet it blends in beautifully with any color in the garden, whether it’s atop a rose tree, planted in mass, or nestled among your favorite perennials. The flowers are mirrored by the super-clean glossy-green foliage, adding even more pizazz to this bushy rounded flower factory. When it’s cool outside, the smoke gets thicker. Both budded and own-root varieties are available.

Orange/violet/rust/blush on the same plant. Scented. Up to 4-5 feet tall.

Belinda’s Dream

Belinda’s Dream Rose is the first rose to be named a Texas Superstar as well as the EarthKind designation. Belinda’s Dream Rose thrives in a wide range of soil conditions, including well-drained acid sands, and has produced exceptional results in highly alkaline clay soils. EarthKind roses promote sustainability by requiring less fertilizer, pesticides, and water, and Belinda’s Dream Rose is no exception.

Tall, shrubbish, to 8 feet, multi-petaled, offering a perfectly shaped pink rose. Delicious fragrance. Perfect for corners.

Other likes: Pavonia, Peggy Martin, Martha Gonzales, Iceberg, Duchesse de Brabant.

Where to buy?

The Antique Rose Emporium
9300 Lueckemeyer,

The Arbor Gate
15635 FM 2920 Rd,

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