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Most commercial roofing contractors in Texas lack the expensive equipment needed to install the highest rated roof systems. In addition, rather than being performed by highly trained in-house applicators, their roof repairs and installations are subcontracted to independent labor crews.

Not to mention, prior to hiring a Texas commercial roofing company, you should be aware of the best roofing system for your flat roof.

  • Which of these top six flat roof or low slope repair issues does your commercial roof have?
  • Are you in charge of warranting that the equipment under your roof is safe even in the most extreme weather?
  • Do you presently have a modified bitumen, built-up, hot black asphalt,  metal, polyurethane, concrete, rusted metal, EPDM, TPO, butyl, silicone coatings, or acrylic coatings roofing system?

If your answered affirmatively to any of the above questions, this is perhaps the most informative piece you read in your mission to have your Texas industrial roof repaired.

Industrial Roofing

Least year, approximately 90 billion dollars were invested in commercial property construction. If your company was one of them, you already know how difficult it is to find the right roof for your structure. Don’t wait for your roof to collapse before taking action. There are frequently visible signs of an industrial roof that needs to be repaired.

A well-maintained roofing system should not require frequent repairs as long as it is serviced on a regular basis. Each material, of course, has a lifespan that can range from 20 to 60 years.

Even though you may not be able to personally walk your roof every day to check for flaws, it is recommended that you try to do so on a regular basis. Alternatively, look for a high-quality preventative maintenance program to stay ahead of any potential problems.

Does the contractor want you to tear-off and replace the current commercial roof system?

The majority of commercial roof repair systems will necessitate a total tear-off and replacement of your current roof.

The NCRA reports that 68.5% of flat roofs have been completely demolished. However, this is frequently due to the limited capabilities of new roof systems. The best low slope coating systems almost never require tearing off and replacing the roof membrane. Avoiding a tear-off saves you 20 to 50 percent on the cost of the roof and is inline with many Texas cities’ Zero Waste laws. It’s known as SPF roofing.

How do you repair ponding on a flat depressed roof?

The usual solution is to remove the roof and replace it with a newer membrane construction. However, SPF can certainly add the necessary slope to convert concave areas to convex areas.

Is it common for your Austin commercial roof to require service on a regular basis?

In the 1970s, Texas A&M was frustrated because of leaks and maintenance issues  on over 7 million square feet of traditional commercial (BUR) roof. Following extensive research, the university decided to hire a s roofing contractor to install SPF roofing. The energy savings from the SPF roofing were then tracked in the A&M over a four-year period. In about 4.5 years, the roof paid for itself through energy savings. The foam roofing has now been in place for nearly 40 years. A&M continues to benefit from energy savings and leak-free buildings.

Best for Commercial Roof Inspection

There are many reasons why a commercial roof should be regularly inspected. In matters such as insurance claim settlements, the commercial roof tends to be one of the most litigated building components involved. Frequent roof evaluations, and documentation of the roof’s history over time, can help in keeping the details straight. There is the cost factor as well. A commercial roof can be one of the biggest capital expenditures on a commercial property that a building owner or corporate entity makes.

Because the roof’s value depends heavily on how long the roof lasts for, proactive roof assessments and care taking will help keep expensive roof repair costs or even costly replacement expenses at bay. In turn, that will keep the roof’s life cycle costs down. It will also make the roof more likely to last for its complete expected service life. Call today for your FREE roofing inspection.

Do you frequently receive emails about leaks in your building’s roof?

The complaining can be put to rest. A study conducted by the University of Arizona discovered that 98 percent of study participants had good news. In 1984, the University’s Performance Based Research Group began researching High-Performance Roof Systems.

To be eligible for this study, the new roofing system must meet four criteria:

  1. Meet or outlive a life expectancy of 20 years
  2. Be a low slope roof
  3. have a client satisfaction rating of 98 percent
  4. and have 98 percent of roofs that do not leak when randomly tested yearly.

What is the most durable roof in Texas for dealing with high winds and flying debris?

The roof is the most vulnerable system in a building when it is subjected to extreme weather conditions. When the roof is damaged, the interior of the building is exposed to whatever Mother Nature has to offer. Furthermore, roof damage costs one-tenth the price of water damage to the structure and its contents.

Water damage caused by a roof failure costs ten times as much as the roof damage itself.

What about Built-Up Membrane (BUM) Roofing? Experts examined the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew. Many of the BUR systems were ineffective in protecting the buildings from serious damage.

What went wrong with BUR? The flashing, exposed edges, overlaps, overhangs, and joints are all part of the design. Wind can easily grab a roof corner and lift then peel back the membrane.

How well did the SPF systems fare during the hurricane? These roofs that were inspected remained dry and intact. Why? SPF roofs, when properly installed, form a strong system that is essentially glued to the decking and building walls. There are no fasteners because of the foam’s own adhesion. There are no seams or edges for the wind to pick up on.

Buildings that have a coating installed are 300 percent stronger than those that do not.

SPF weighs only 2 to 3 lbs per cubic foot, making it very light while remaining rigid. In fact, SPF is strong enough to withstand missile damage.

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why does the overseas military like to coat the outside of their tents in the Middle East with SPF?
  • Why does NASA use SPF to protect shuttles going into space?

The incredible protection from strong wind-thrown debris and the added thermal barrier are two reasons.

The response of SPF versus BUR roofs to continuous pelting penetrations from high-velocity debris is a significant difference. Because of their thickness and cell structure, SPF roofs respond to penetrations with no leakage. Because of the adhesion between the foam and the substrate, there is no lateral movement of water within the foam. The BUR system penetrations, on the other hand, allow for lateral movement between layers as well as at the substrate. This causes immediate internal damage to valuables.

Would a 3-inch thick roof membrane be preferable to a 1/4-inch layer during a hailstorm?

When compared to other roofing systems, coatings are thick and performs above average in terms of resistance to hail damage and failure. The Hail Damage of Roofing report contains studies on SPF roof performance (W.C. Cullen- NRCA). The National Roofing Foundation recently conducted a survey of 140 spray foamed roofs ranging in age from 27 years to brand new. The foundation concluded that SPF roofs aid in the prevention of hail-related roof leaks.

According to the report, “they are not in immediate danger of leaking.” Furthermore, the hail impact was restricted to the “Upper Surface” of the multi-inch thick foam.

Similarly, SPF roofs inspected following hurricanes performed admirably. The substrate must, of course, be adequately anchored to the rest of the building. Polyurethane roofs do not tend to fail increasingly after missile impact, whereas BUR systems do. (AIA- NRCA) Thomas L. Smith

What are some of the advantages of using an SPF building system?

  • Insulation with high R-Values
  • Air barriers that are built into the structure
  • Assist with moisture control
  • Thermal bridging is prevented through fasteners and decking gaps.
  • The cost of re-coating polyurethane roofs is low.

Covering other roof systems with SPF is a low-cost retrofit method.

Can a SP roof be installed over your existing Austin commercial roof membrane by a contractor?

Commercial Building Owners

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