Can Rabbits Eat Raspberries?

Bunnies Eat Raspberries

Can You Feed Bunnies Raspberries?

Rabbits can be quite voracious eaters especially when they are given sweet treats. In fact, rabbits can easily gain a lot of weight if they are given food items that are known to contain a lot of sugar. The same thing can also be true even if you are going to use natural items such as ripe fruits and berries.

Nevertheless, fruits and berries can actually make the rabbits happy, and allowing kids to give their pet rabbits a few pieces or slices is a very fun activity. Of course, when it comes to giving fruits, you need to keep in mind that they should only be used as treats and not as the main part of the rabbit’s regular diet.

With that said, you should only give a few slices or a couple of pieces sparingly. You need to keep in mind that you should only give it in moderation so your pet will not suffer from various health problems. One of the fruits that many owners want to give their rabbits is sweet, fresh, and very ripe raspberries.

Can Rabbits Eat Raspberries?

Rabbits can actually eat raspberries safely. In fact, there are rabbit owners who say that their pets just cannot seem to get enough of it simply because the raspberry can provide you with an amazingly delicious burst of flavor. Raspberries are also known to contain a lot of antioxidants and nutrients.

The raspberry is actually not a true berry, nevertheless, it is still as healthy. In fact, it is known to contain vitamin C as well as a little bit of fiber. Raspberries are also known to have a low glycemic index, which means that even though it can taste sweet, it actually has a low glycemic index or a low sugar content.

This means that your rabbit can easily enjoy more than a few pieces of it safely. Giving raspberries to your rabbits can also help your pet fight against free radicals that are known to cause tumors and even cancers. The nutrients in this fruit can also help your rabbit stay active and it can also support digestion.

Things To Consider When Giving Raspberries To Your Rabbits

Whenever you plan on giving your rabbit raspberries, make sure that you do so only as a treat and also in moderation. You need to keep in mind that rabbits can easily get diarrhea or an upset stomach if you will allow your rabbit to consume too much sugar. Diarrhea can actually be fatal in these small animals.

You can give as much as a cup of raspberry per 4 pounds of the rabbit’s weight. But what I recommend is that you only give a handful of raspberry per rabbit one or two times a week. This will allow the rabbit to still want to eat grasses and hay, it will also help the rabbit avoid various stomach issues.

If you want to use raspberries as a treat for your rabbits, always try to use ones that are fresh and thoroughly cleaned. Avoid giving your rabbit processed or cooked ones and never give raspberries that are rotten or those that already contain mold. You should also avoid giving leftover ones to your pet.


Raspberries are a great food item that you can give to your rabbit as a treat simply because it is full of nutrients and flavor. Rabbits can easily have a great time eating this fruit because it can give a burst of sweetness and they can also get a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants at the same time.

Raspberries, however, can cause diarrhea in rabbits especially if you end up giving them too much of it. In order for your pets to eat it safely, you will have to give them raspberries in moderation. You should only give a cup or a handful of this fruit one or two times per week. Always use fresh raspberries.

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