Richest Neighborhoods In Houston 2022

Richest Neighborhoods In Houston

Updated 4/29/22. In this article, we highlight a list of quality locations in Houston, prime neighborhoods where you get to meet with the upper-class people with backgrounds in the arts, business, as well as academia.

Have you ever wondered where the wealthy live in Houston? Do you want to know where the most expensive neighborhoods in Houston are?  If you’re looking to relocate or buy a home in this area, knowing how much you’ll have to pay will be extremely beneficial. To determine the most costly neighborhood in Houston, we considered median home prices as well as price per square foot.

Here we list out the richest neighborhoods in Houston.

Richest Neighborhoods In Houston 2022

  1. West University – $165,516
  2. Greater Memorial – – $850,504
  3. Rice – $134,564
  4. River Oaks – $123,888
  5. Rice Military – $114,989
  6. Downtown -$102,766
  7. Far Northeast – $88,053
  8. Galleria-Uptown – $83,714
  9. Greater Heights – $82,304
  10. West Houston –  $76,204
  11. Montrose, Houston – $75,873
  12. Midtown – $74,596
  13. Meyerland – $70,691
  14. Medical, Houston – $68,825
  15. Pasadina – $61,714
  16. Spring Branch – $55,792
  17. Westchase – $55,700
  18. Bellaire – $51,640
  19. Southwest, Houston – $48,082
  20. Northwest, Houston – $44,705
  21. Sugarland – $41,130
  22. Southeast, Houston – $39,100
  23. East End, Houston – $36,794
  24. North, Houston – $33,191
  25. Northeast, Houston – $31,293
  26. Far North, Houston – $30,885

Ranking of the richest neighborhoods in Houston (Median Income)


  • 1. West University

West University is an upscale neighborhood in the Houston area of Texas. The city is mostly called West U for short. The city falls within the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area and also the Southwestern Harris County. This city is nicknamed ‘the neighborhood city,’ and this is because it is made up of Bungalows and Duplexes which are inhabited by upper-class families. The population of the city as confirmed by the 2010 census is 14,787, although recent estimates put it at a little over 15,000. residents of this city make a median yearly income of $153,604.

  • 2. Greater Memorial 

Greater Memorial is an upscale neighborhood in Houston. Upscale means upscale in this context, a house in Greater Memorial, on average, sells for $850,504. The population of this neighborhood is expectedly small, with just 35,799. residents of this neighborhood make a median yearly income of $146,287. But that is not all; Greater Memorial has a lot of ranking distinctions it has been ranked the Best Neighborhoods in Houston for singles, and also one of the best neighborhoods for Families.

Memorial’s land value is typically lower than that of Tanglewood, West University, or River Oaks, and many Memorial properties for sale have large, wooded lots. Many Memorial home buyers should choose area because they want more space than inner loop communities provide.

  • 3. Rice

Rice Village is a university community that is built around the Rice University of Houston, in Texas. The community is often described as a shopping district because there is a vast and varied collection of restaurants, shops, and pubs, just located a half-mile on the west side of West University. The residents of the city -upscale families- make a yearly median income of $134,564.

  • 4 River Oaks

River Oaks is a high neighborhood in Houston, Texas. This is a residential area, full of palatial homes with rich gardens, swimming pools. there is also a River Oaks Shopping Center, which is popular because of the high-end stores, and upscale restaurants.

The River Oaks Houston is among the most exclusive neighborhoods in Texas, as well as one of the most expensive. This year, it earned the distinction of being Houston’s most expensive residential community. It is one of Houston’s most prestigious upscale neighborhoods, located north of the Upper Kirby District and close to many main roads such as Westheimer Road, Kirby Drive, and San Felipe Street.

The residents of River Oaks -upscale families- make a yearly median income of $123,888

  • 5 Rice Military

Rice Military is another rich neighborhood in Houston, Texas. Rice Military gets its name from William Marsh Rice, whose family once owned the entire area. Rice Military is a community that was designed and developed about 80 years ago to have blue-collar bungalows and community shops. The face of Rice Military has since changed with the coming of artists, young professionals, and business people. There is an ongoing building replacement scheme in Rice Military in which old buildings are been bought to be demolished. The buildings are currently been bought for about $150,000. Residents of Rice Military earn a yearly median income of $114,989.

Richest Neighborhoods in Houston
  • 6 Downtown

Downtown is an upscale neighborhood in Houston, Texas. Downtown is a bustling neighborhood that has not only residential buildings (bungalows, detached duplexes, and apartment blocks) but also major family attractions such as the Houston Aquarium, a bustling business hub, and a vibrant theatre environment. The Houston Aquarium also has a shark tank. There are large scale event centers, plenty of fancy grill houses and such upscale things. Residents of Downtown in Houston make a median yearly income of $102,766.

 richest neighborhood Houston
image via Anthony Muharib – Personal Injury Attorney in Houston
  • 7 Far Northeast

Far Northeast is another upscale area in Houston, Texas. Far Northeast is a rather popular area in Houston. There are about 90,207 people living in Far Northeast, and this neighborhood has been ranked the number 1 liveable place in Houston, Texas. Homes in Far Northeast typically cost $191,832. The cost of living in the Far Northeast is about 6 percent higher than the average in Texas, and residents of this neighborhood make a median yearly income of about  $88,053.

  • 8 Galleria-Uptown

Galleria-Uptown, which is more commonly called the Galleria Area, is a business district in Houston, which is separated from Downtown by a 6.2 mile stretch of road. The Galleria Area is located in the center of Houston, flanked by the post-Oak Boulevard on one side, and Westheimer Road. It goes without saying that this a prime area for business or business professionals. Residents of this neighborhood make a median yearly income of $83,714.

  • 9 Greater Heights

Greater Heights is an upscale neighborhood in Houston, Texas, USA.  This is predominantly a residential area full of single-unit houses that are fenced. This is a serene environment with almost every house having a garden or some greenery to show. There is Donovan Park which has a popular wooden castle-themed playground for the little ones to play in. There are also a number of art houses, shops selling antiques and old records, as well as other such attractions. Residents of the Greater Heights typically earn a median yearly income of  $82,304.

  • 10 West Houston

West Houston is an oldish neighborhood in Houston, Texas. This area has now become a place of interest as more and more professionals, businessmen, and artists have favored the area. A major talking point of West Houston is the West Houston Association which is a non-profit organization working to better the living and working conditions of the residents of West Houston. People in this area are not poor, actually, they earn about $76,204 as a yearly median income.

Wealthiest Zip Codes in Houston Area

Zip Code City Avg. Home Values
77079 Houston $578,067
02553 Cleveland $584,523
77019 Houston $617,723
77098 Houston $628,213
77056 Houston $631,014
77027 Houston $694,904
02661 Rye $762,632
77401 Bellaire $947,927
77024 Houston $1,074,387
77005 Houston $1,355,950


As you must have seen from reading the post, Houston, Texas has plenty of upscale neighborhoods that will suit any type of person- from the young professional earning around 30,000 dollars a year, to the established business person who is comfortable with splashing half a million dollars on a stately home in an area that rivals Beverly Hills in taste, serenity, and exclusivity. We must not forget that the weather here is agreeable, and there is plenty of nature to enjoy with your family.

Of course, the present is not the only thing to consider before putting your money (considerable amounts of money, it must be said) into real estate, one must remember that buying a house is a considerable investment indeed. With that in mind, it could come as good news that Houston has a lot of prime areas that have just recently caught the eyes of developers who have trooped into the city, buying up old houses, tearing them down, and building the future.

Houston is set to thrive in the near future, and so it certainly would be a good idea to key in now before it gets too late. A small caveat though: don’t take our word for it, get in touch with a property consultant before making a decision.

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