Painting or Staining a Porch or Deck

Painting or Staining a Porch or Deck

How to Choose and Apply Paint and Stain to your Porch and Deck

A deck adds comfortable outdoor living space that the whole family can enjoy. Extend the life of your deck by applying weather-resistant paint or exterior stain.

Painting or staining a porch or deck may seem like a daunting task, but almost anyone can be successful if they plan, evaluate, and prepare before painting or staining. By properly protecting your deck you can extend its life and increase its use in the years to come.

Evaluate the Deck

The first step is to evaluate the porch or deck. Is there a paint, stain, or sealer already on there? If so, is it still working? If water beads up on the current coating, the new stain won’t absorb and the new paint won’t adhere. Plan to remove any coating by stripping or power washing the deck. Are there any structural repairs that should be completed prior to coating? Is there mold or fungus that needs to be killed and removed before the new coating can be applied? New coatings will not adhere properly to fungus, dirt, and mold. Inspect the deck and make notes about what needs to be done prior to beginning your project.

Plan the Project

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