How Much Sun do Roses Need?

Sun Roses Need

There are a lot of people who love to grow roses. Unfortunately, not all of them have wide open spaces that can provide ample sunlight to their flowering plants. Large trees or buildings surround some yards, and many homeowners want to know if they can still grow roses.

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Roses can only grow in areas where their growth requirements are met. These plants need good soil that can also provide good drainage. Most gardeners also suggest that if you want to grow them, the garden should ideally have unobstructed access to sunlight so the plant can thrive.

There are rose cultivars that will need more shade rather than sunlight. This is why you need to know more about what type of rose you are planting to give it precisely what it needs. Remember that roses are known to reward gardeners’ hard work with beautiful flowers and a fantastic aroma.

What Do Roses Need For Growth?

The primary need of roses is good soil. Although they are known to grow in different kinds of soil, roses can easily thrive in soil with a pH of 6.3 to 6.8. Roses need to be watered, but the soil needs to drain well, which is why some gardeners add gypsum to their garden’s soil.

Roses typically grow in spring, though the exact time varies depending on what type of rose you are planting. Many heirloom or All-America rose selections are robust and can easily thrive in different climates. Roses must be watered at least twice a week, but you should avoid drowning them.

You can add ground limestone or sulfur, depending on the soil’s acidity. You can add organic matter and even a tiny penny nail to provide the rose with nutrients and minerals. Cover the roses with mulch, especially during summer, so the water in the soil will not quickly dry out.

Roses rely heavily on the condition of the soil to grow. This is why some gardeners say you can grow roses even though little sunlight is available. Not many will recommend this, however, since ideally, the roses should be planted in areas with sunlight for at least a few hours.

How Much Sun Do Roses Need?

Experienced gardeners say that roses need as much as 5-6 hours of full sunlight daily. They highly recommend that the plants be grown in sunny areas to grow strong. These areas also protect more pests, allowing you to keep your roses away from disease.

Sunlight is also needed for roses to bloom. In most cases, roses planted in the shade or areas with less sunlight will flower less. Morning sunlight is essential for the roses because it can help dry out the moisture on the leaves faster and help deter fungi from growing on them.

However, there are rose varieties that can grow in the shade. These varieties are typically woodland-dwelling roses or wild roses. These roses can easily survive and thrive despite the lack of direct sunlight. They can also produce blooms that brighten dark areas or bleach out under the sun.

Unless you have wild roses, it is highly discouraged that you grow typical rose varieties if you have a garden that cannot get ample sunlight. Although your roses will grow, they will weaken and eventually die out over time.

How Can You Make It Work?

If the roses in your garden no longer get enough sunlight, you can have them transferred to a more suitable area. Just make sure that you cut the back in spring or fall, but never during summer, as they will not be able to tolerate dry heat without support.

To transplant them, you need to dig a hole more significant than what the roses currently occupy. You should also use aged manure or a lot of organic matter so that they can easily survive the process. Make sure that the hole is deep enough and that the soil in the area can offer good drainage.

If not, you should make holes in the soil to allow water to drain properly. If your property does not have areas with 5-6 hours of sun, then you need to look for spots where the roses can get at least a couple of hours of sun in the morning or the afternoon.


Roses are some of the most beautiful plants you can grow in your garden. To thrive and produce beautiful blooms, they will need soil rich in nutrients, enough water, and 5-6 hours of sunlight per day. But because they are very resilient, they can grow in less than optimum conditions.

For them to grow, the gardener has to provide the plant with support in the form of fertilizers and minerals that can help condition the soil for its growth. Gardeners can also opt to transfer rose bushes in strategic areas to have as much sunlight as possible.

If sunlight does not directly hit the garden, I highly recommend that you plant wild rose varieties since they are more capable of growing in the shade. Although typical roses will not die right away in the shade, you can expect them to weaken over time until you take the necessary measures to save them.

Do you have roses growing in your garden? In the comment section, tell us more about how much sunlight and care they need each day.

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