Gardening in Texas

Gardening in our part of the world is quite a challenge, but with the right plants and the right techniques you can be a successful Texas gardener. Visit the posts below to find the plants that do best in our area and how to take care of them.

Pest Control Naturally

Natural Pest Control

Organic Pest Control in the Garden Natural pest control is very important, not only for the planet but for your family as well. Children and pets are very prone to…

Companion Planting List

Companion Planting List

The concept behind companion planting is that some plants can help one another out if they are planted next to or close to one another. Companion planting helps some plants…

Texas Strawberries Growing

Growing Strawberries in Texas

Grow Texas Strawberries as an Annual in Special Pots or Raised Beds It takes extra care to grow strawberries in Texas though many people believe the result is worth the…

Texas Plants Heat-Resistant

Heat-Resistant Texas Plants

Even though it’s still February, we can tell that the heat of the summer will soon be upon us.  Texas summers are in a category all their own, the heat…

Sun Roses Need

How Much Sun do Roses Need?

There are a lot of people who love to grow roses. Unfortunately, not all of them have wide open spaces that can provide ample sunlight to their flowering plants. Large…

Cord Of Wood

How Long Does A Cord Of Wood Last?

How Much Wood Will You Need This Winter? A cord is the standard measurement that is used whenever you purchase wood or firewood. You can buy a face cord or…

Texas Ferns

Ferns to Grow in Texas

Ferns in Texas Ferns are the one plant that everyone knows, but knowing the individual species gets a little trickier. Use this quick and easy fern primer to help you…

Texas Tropical Plants to Grow

Tropical Plants to Grow in Texas

Many homeowners shy away from tropical plants when planning their gardens; they’ve had bad experiences in the past and are afraid they’re just throwing money away. Tropicals can go the…

Central Texas Vegetables

Vegetables to Grow in Central Texas

Growing your own vegetables can be quite rewarding. It can also be very frustrating here in Central Texas. We have many insect pests and problems with high heat and drought….

Shrubs for Central Texas

Shrubs for Central Texas

Abelia This is a graceful large shrub with arching branches and small white blooms throughout the year (whenever the shrub feels like it). It gets quite large and should not…

herbs texas

Herbs that Grown in Texas

Herbs are some of the best plants for Texas. Most herbs like it hot and dry, so they are a natural for Texas. Herbs are a pleasure to care for;…

Flowers for Central Texas

Flowers for Central Texas

The secret to successful flower gardening in Texas lies in knowing two facts: What flowers to grow here, and where to plant them. Once you have answered these questions, you…

Trees Central Texas

Central Texas Trees

Perhaps the most important facts you must know to be successful with trees in Central Texas is what trees do the best here, and when and how to plant them….

shade plants texas

Shade Plants in Texas

Most gardeners will agree that finding plants that will bloom in shady areas has been difficult. The traditional nursery has offered us a scant few annuals, perennials, and flowering shrubs…

water Texas

Water Concerns for Texas Gardeners

In recent years we have heard more and more about the scarcity of water. This issue is one of major concern to us as gardeners since the most likely time…

Texas Wildflowers & Native Plants

Texas Native Plants & Wildflowers

What’s the Difference? The question of what is a native plant is many-fold and the subject of debate not only between the so-called experts but also among plant enthusiasts. With…

Rainwater Collection Texas

Rainwater Collection in Texas

Milton Pogue has seen many a hot, dry Texas summer come and go. Ask him if he’s lived here long and he stretches his arm out to the southeast, index…

Recommended Plants Texas

Central & Gulf Coast Texas Recommended Plants

Highly Recommended & Underutilized Plants for Gulf Coast Texas A list of underutilized and highly recommended plants for landscape use in Central and Gulf Coast Texas GC = Gulf Coast…

Texas Specialized Trees

Specialized Trees for Southeast Texas Area

List of Palm Trees Suitable for Gulf Coast or Zone 8 inland Texas Trachycarpus fortunei (Chinese Windmill Palm): trunks to 12′, a choice palm, hardy to 20 degrees. Rhapidophyllum hystrix…

Types Of Cedar Trees In Texas

Types Of Cedar Trees In Texas

Get to know the types of Cedar trees in Texas. Cedar is the general name for cedar wood, which is used to describe several different but related tree species that…

Bushes In Texas

Types Of Bushes In Texas

List of the types of bushes in Texas and what to know about them. Houses tend to look like factories and bakeries without beautiful bushes planted around. No livable house…

Cactus In Texas

Types Of Cactus In Texas

List of types of cactus in Texas and what you need to know about them. Cactus plants are marvels of design. These are the toughest plants in the world. Plants…

Types of Texas Grasses

Types of Grass in Texas

Grass is a multi-million dollar industry, in case you don’t know, and that is both on the side of landscapers who earn their money by planting and maintaining the grass…