Rio Grande Village

On the southeastern part of the spectacular Big Bend National Park, is the popular recreational destination known as the Rio Grande Village Area. Located just alongside the banks of Rio Grande River, every tourist to the Big Bend invariably walks into this region to soak in its warmth and experience the stunning scenic backgrounds.

Fully equipped with a visitor center, campground, laundry, general store and shower facilities, there is everything in the region to make visitors feel comfortable and happy. The Daniel’s Ranch Picnic Area is ideal for families looking for a great outdoor spot.

What delights most tourists is the innumerable possibilities presented by the short and simple Rio Grande Village Nature trail. The round trip is less than a mile and apart from the beautiful backgrounds there are ample opportunities to closely view the natural world. The wildlife in the region is greatly admired and especially bird watchers have a gala time all year round admiring the species unique to this part of the nation. Additionally, the Beaver Pond found along this trail is a great place to sit back and relax watching the birds and animals in the vicinity. This trail also touches the banks of the Rio Grande River and ends with a treat of some stunning magnificent views of the Sierra del Carmen, Boquillas Canyon, the Chisos Mountains and Hot Springs Canyon.

The Hot Springs Historic District is another must visit location that has a beautiful resort. Here apart from the steaming hot springs, one can find the rich history of the land and its inhabitants preserved for the coming generations.

Several enjoyable self guided tours and hikes make a trip to Rio Grande Village truly memorable.