Texas Gulf Coast

Your next vacation will be perfectly fun and exciting when you head to the Texas Gulf Coast. From lounging on the beach to exploring top attractions in the area, there is much to explore and enjoy while in the area. Your Texas Gulf Coast vacation home provides you with a relaxing, enjoyable place to kick back and relax each day of your trip. Vacation homes and condos along the Gulf Coast may have beach access or views coupled with homelike amenities like large bedrooms and living areas, private bathrooms, an equipped kitchen and more.

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Outdoor Recreation

You cannot spend time in the Texas Gulf Coast area without enjoying time outdoors under the sun, and there are many opportunities available that add to your fun times in the area. From your Port Bolivar home, you can explore local beaches, such as those at the Mustang Island State Park, Goose Island State Park or North Padre Island National Seashore, to name a few. You can also enjoy activities and excursions for deep sea fishing, pier fishing, horseback riding, ATV adventures and more. These are only a few of the many ways you can spend your days while in the area.


Many people love to take a break from beach and outdoor activities to go shopping while on vacation, and you will not be disappointed with the options available when you are in the Texas Gulf Coast area. From your North Padre Island home, you will be close to mom and pop or chain beach stores in areas like South Padre Island, North Padre Island, Corpus Christi or Galveston. These areas have dozens of stores collectively that sell everything from beach towels and bikinis to t-shirts, coffee mugs and other items.


The coastline along the Texas Gulf Coast is expansive, stretching across several hundred miles. There are many attractions for you to enjoy while in the area. For example, many love to splash and play at the Schlitterbahn water park, and there are water parks located in both Galveston and South Padre Island. You can also explore the Texas Aquarium in Corpus Christi, walk on the boardwalk and enjoy amusement park style rides at Galveston and more. You cannot go wrong when you make plans to spend time on the Texas Gulf Coast.


The climate along the Texas Gulf Coast is largely influenced by the coast, and this means that summers are warm and humid, but temperatures may be cooler than areas farther inland in Texas. The winter months are often mild and humid, with temperatures warmer than the inland towns in the state. Generally, you can expect temperatures in the area to have an average high in the 90s in the summer months and in the 60s in the winter months. Freezing weather conditions in the winter are possible but are rare. Rainfall is common throughout the year.

How to Get There

There is not a single major roadway that travels up and down the Gulf Coast, so you generally will need to choose the area of the coast that you want to explore and plan your route accordingly. The closest major airport is in Houston, but there are smaller airports in Corpus Christi and Harlingen. Interstates that run into the Gulf Coast area include Interstates 37, 45 and 10. There is not a major train route that travels into the Gulf Coast, but buses are available to different points throughout the region. Many people prefer to take their own car so that they have freedom to explore this large region at their leisure, but rental car options are available in the major cities and towns throughout the area.