Amarillo is not only the economic hub of Texas Panhandle but also the largest city in this region. With the availability of quality educational, healthcare and recreational opportunities, the population figures of this city are on the rise and very soon expected to reach the 200,000 mark from the present 184,000.

The modernized city has several historic treasures from the past preserved carefully. Walking down the Polk Street, tourists would find a range of houses and structures, some of them included in the National Register of Historic Places, that portray the development of Amarillo from the early 1900’s.

The parks of Amarillo, which include 50 local parks and one State park, hold the best of nature’s gifts and present numerous recreational possibilities. Bird watching, horse riding, boating, swimming, golf, tennis and hiking are some of the popular outdoor activities. An admired destination is the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, which has the nation’s second largest canyon, after the Grand Canyon. Another important park, the Thompson Park holds the Wonderland Amusement Park, the biggest of its kind in the city.
Other important attractions include The Cadillac Ranch, American Quarter Horse Association – a museum of national repute, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum and the Don Harrington Discovery Center. The Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument which is considered to be a significant pre-historic dwelling is in close proximity to Amarillo.

A great deal of excitement awaits one and all at Amarillo.

Amarillo Livestock Auction

Amarillo Livestock Auction is a year long event that attracts the attention of cattle owners from all over the state of Texas. This privately owned independent livestock auction is held in Amarillo, Texas and an estimated hundred thousand cattle exchange hands annually. This auction is also an important contributor to the economy of the region.

Held every Tuesday of the year, visitors can directly experience the excitement in the air and also interact with the cattlemen and the cowboys. Though visitors cannot see the pre auction activity such as cattle being weighed and getting sorted, the exact auction process can be observed. Every other day of the week, tourists can freely move around in the auction ring and check out the history of the event and the procedures followed.

The auction has gained popularity due to the fact that it offers the best price discovery for cattle breeders. Apart from auction services there is wholesale and retail distribution, direct sales service and franchise operations carried out by the management of the Amarillo Livestock Auction.

The Stockyard Cafe located just beside the cattle auction ground is a great place to have a delicious snack or lunch all at affordable rates and of course is an excellent place to relax.

Cadillac Ranch

Call it modern art or an eccentric endeavor, the Cadillac Ranch which is located in Amarillo, Texas, is definitely a one of its kind place for followers of contemporary art.

With the Texas millionaire Stanley Marsh, 3 as its patron, Cadillac Ranch has gained global acclaim on the very basis of its simple yet novel concept. Starting in 1973, in a vast marshland owned by Marsh, 10 cars of the Cadillac brand were buried nose down slightly angled and facing west. All the cars were manufactured between 1949 and 1963 and most of them were junk or used. Artists collectively called as Ant Farm were behind this unique concept.

The most interesting part of the visit is the free flowing graffiti that one can view on the car body and also the freedom to scribble one’s own thoughts. Though repainted several times, the constant influx of visitors and their additions certainly adds an artistic and original touch to the display.

Cadillac Ranch is a part of several magazines, newspaper articles, music albums, videos, and movies including the Walt Disney blockbuster – Cars. This is indeed a big compliment to an incomparable destination.

Tourists can click pictures during their visit but strictly for personal use.